[2014] Item you are most thankful for !

12/27/2014 06:33 PMPosted by nichodemus
I would have to say my chance to freeze on hit Witching Hour for sure.

my HF amu ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

I would say my Incense torch on bubblegum and my Sunwuko Shines on bloodrayne , two items I've been looking for , for a while :D Peace
my witching hour...
Probably my WH is my favorite all around item. I'm excited to see what my answer will be after the patch has been live for a while, get some ancient gear and really go to town!
while undoubtably i've been fortunate i still don't have those rare items yet.

Probably the item I'm thankful for are

Lacuni Prowlers
+20 light dmg (rollable)
482 dex
7 asi
6 cc
10 ms


other notables include
unity - 50chd(rollable)/4.5cc/14elite/socket

soj - 20/29/8cdr/socket

Tasker 723 dex/49 chd (rollable)/10 CC/7 asi/47 pet

and my one int item i was happy and pissed about because of the patch and skill changes (still haven't found WoW)
firebirds source - 20 fire / 722 int / 10 cc / 15% explosive blast dmg (has not been rolled yet)
My very first Legendary in RoS was a Gift of Silaria at level 64 which I used well into level 70 because the next 25 legendary weapons I got were all 2H (which were terrible at the time) I am sure I salvaged some near perfect Daibos I should have saved </3

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