Zero Dog zdps Legacy WD needs Dev attention

Witch Doctor
01/27/2015 12:05 PMPosted by Fish
Nothing in this game could compare to blowing up all your dogs at the same time and watching all things around you take damage or die.

You do realize, though, that the current use of the build is simply as a support build? You could certainly attempt to make it deal damage but you would be so crippled by the offhand that it would be sort of silly.

Granted the unlimited resources of your Demon Hunter buddy DO do real damage, so indirectly it most certainly is causing a lot of damage, but most folks aren't even using Sacrifice on their skill bar.
Dev has to recognize this problem.

1. NOTHING can even go similar in efficiency. DH who go with Legacy WD don't use preparation, don't use resource reduction options on their gear. The starting line itself is already different. Grift guardian? Simple piece of cake. Just spam cluster arrow to a stunned-dummy while other guys dance. Lack of toughness by using legacy items? World #1 record is 63 tier (Asia server). Toughness doesn't even matter in this tier. Got hit? U're dead.

2. You can not get these items normally. Some may think. 'These are very rare. Only a few have it. So it can be ok.' But this is wrong. In Asia server, people are duplicating these items by abusing 'Account Rollback Service'. Lots of WD has this setting already. So nowadays people don't want to go Grift with WD who don't have it. Even 50+ tier parties prefer legacy WD to skip annoying guardians. WD who want to go higher grift with people must buy legacy items risking fraud. And of course, Blizzard don't help fraud victims. Even though he just wanted to go higher grift and buying was his only way. This is already happening in Asia server, and I think this will happen soon in US or EU.

Of course there are people who just play game casually. But there are people who care about leaderboards and challenging. And that is why Blizzard made leaderboards.
01/27/2015 12:40 PMPosted by GunnersDream
You do realize, though, that the current use of the build is simply as a support build?

Yep, sure do. And that is why I said nothing could compare. Past not present context.
It sure would be cool to see something similar again though.
While I realize the discussion in this thread has become more playful (and thus is relatively harmless), the title itself is misleading. At this time, we are not actioning (or planning to action) players who are using legacy items to support or run a zero dog build.

For those experiencing connection issues, it’s possible that you were having a separate technical issue. If that’s the case, please be sure post over in our Technical Support or Mac Technical Support forums. You can also reach our support staff through the Customer Service portal:

Gonna go ahead and lock this, folks. Thanks for your cooperation!

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