Gear Check Please!

Hi all,

Please could you have a check over my gear and give me some pointers?

I know I need;

Ring - probably a fire, socketed SOJ?
Amulet - elemental immunity / Flavour of Time with Fire, INT, CC and CHD + socket?
Belt - no idea what to go for here?

For the other legendary gems I was thinking Bane of the Powerful and possibly Taeguk?

Thanks, and Merry Christmas :)
Most of you gear (sorry to say it) could be upgraded. Worthless socket on source, jewelry is junk (need CHC,CHD,OS in Ammy and Unity/SoJ for rings until then use any other ring with CHC,CHD,OS). Boots have MS on it (you should max out MS w/ paragon points). your shoulder is ok reroll life regen to %life and you Cinder is ok if you can reroll it still reroll INT higher.

As far as gear to start gambling for:
1.) Bracer: Strong Arm (%fire, INT, VIT, CHC)
2.) Belt: String of Ears or WH
3.) Gloves: FB or MF (need CHC,CHD)
4.) Source: FB (INT,VIT,CHC,%FIRE)
5.) Boots: FB (INT,VIT,AR,Choice)

Legendary Gems: Zei's, Tox, PE (in that order) for T6.
No worries mate, I knew I was in need of some upgrades I just find it a bit easier to have them pointed out to me. I'll bookmark this and refer to it when I'm playing next.

Much appreciated!
Hey Daviator89,

Boozor recently posted a guide on how to efficiently farm T6 using the Wizard's firebird set. In this guide, you will also see guides from BDF and Jaetch who go in depth on how to gear your wizard. You can definitely use this as a template on how to progress.

Hope this can help you out and you can plan accordingly with the holidays coming up!

Good luck.
Awesome dude, thanks very much! I'm looking at giving my Wizard some love during my time off work!
If you wants some help add me. I'm on most nights at least for a couple hours and usually most of the weekends.

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