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Launching patch 2.1.2 during season one's last 3 weeks???? Is this real life. The DH and barb sets are not even close to what they are now...... and ancient legendaries... The grift changes to mobs and shrines.... #speechless
Okay so Jan 13th...

Patch 2.1.2!!!
Who cares about the leader boards no one...

Bring on the patch say 99.999999999% of players...

Good call Blizzard...well done!
The integrity of S1 Leader board has already been effected more than once so that shouldn't even factor in, it was basically a test season full of bugs, exploits and game changes. For this reason a lot of people simply stopped playing and down right don't care about the s1 leader boards. I personally couldn't give a hoot about leader boards.

If you released S2 with no new content however, no one would bother playing.

For what it's worth, I think Blizz made the correct decision.
So when is the patch blues? I want my golds now sir.
Option 3 - End season 1 one week before season 2, and roll out the patch in that time. This is going to happen every season if they don't have a better system of introducing changes in between seasons.
Does this schedule align with the console releases? IE, can we expect to get the console patch on the same day as PC? Or will there be a lag?
01/07/2015 10:12 AMPosted by TheChemist
so, since season 2 will start on 2/3/2015, we should get patch 2.12 three weeks before that, which means next Tuesday?

Season 2 doesn't start on 2/3/2015... Season 1 is ending on 2/3/2015 barring any unforseen circumstances. Season 2 does not start immediately after Season 1 ends as per Blue's prior post regarding the end of Season 1.
Why are seasons such an important deal in D3 all of a sudden? They're just representative of who has the most time on their hands and who plays the Flavor of the Patch class and spec/item combination.

There's absolutely nothing exciting or important about seasons. I tried it, it's like playing D3 from scratch except you have a CHANCE at getting new items. Woo-hoo, so it's D3 with a few extra items. Hardly worth all this bro-ha-ha.
As expected, Seasons impacts the decision making process for everyone that plays Diablo, seasons or not. *sigh*

I thought there was going to be down-time between seasons anyway?
Does the "seasonal rollover" refer to the end of S1 or the start of S2? Will there still be a period of downtime between the two?

01/07/2015 10:01 AMPosted by Tyvalir
In fact, our intent for future Seasons is to have the current Season end, the corresponding patch deployed, and then the following Season start—in that order.

I thought this was the plan all along. Why can't you still do this?
01/07/2015 11:04 AMPosted by Montinevra
I thought this was the plan all along. Why can't you still do this?

Yeah, Point (A) makes no sense to me.
Why can't they rollover season 1 on February 3rd, then launch the patch, then start season 2 after that?

01/07/2015 10:01 AMPosted by Tyvalir
[ul]A) We launch patch 2.1.2 after the Season rollover. In this scenario, Seasonal players wouldn’t have access to any new 2.1.2 items including updated Set items, updated Legendary items, and the new Seasonal items for at least a couple of weeks after the Season went live.

What do you mean they won't have access to the new set and legendary items until a few weeks AFTER the season goes live? If patch 2.1.2 is already applied (and it would be), season 2 players will have access to the changes immediately.
Thank you. Season 1 is done in the minds of many. We're ready to move on and enjoy 2.1.2.
Bring on the patch!
Why wait? just send the patch out tomorrow or Friday.
Hi there,

I did love playing Season 1, the idea was to gear up, perfect every slot, find the best build in this game and to push your character to the max tier of a greater rift.

Some of us play casually a couple of hours a week, some play like 15 hours a day, and the majority is somewhere in between.

Which would mean some people have set their higher greater rifts sooner, some might have in these days and some still gear up / perfect rolls to push it the last week of the season.

And then this decision ?
Sorry but this is the most retarded move you could make. Such a huge content patch is a hard reset for the season...

Call Blizzard North, the guys can tell you how to make this work in a good and fair way...
Bring on the patch. So sick of the way things are currently. I have put in a decent amount of time trying to grind my way up the leader boards and I honestly don't care if the patch screws everything up. Bring it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just end season with the patch whatever, and btw are the leaderboards wiped or just "frozen" as Era 1 ?

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