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Hey all,

So I finally got around to levelling an HC WD on season 1 ( ). The first helm I gambled was a Carnevil so I started playing around with that and it was really fun so I decided to focus on gearing towards that. Don't have Dagger of Darts yet but I started gambling for a Zuni's set and I have boots + mojo now.

BUT... I then found a 97% MoJ and 50% Tasker's. WHAT?!? It took me 150 hours before I found Tasker's on my first WD. So that kind of scuttled the Carnevil plan. Anyway I haven't really played pet doc since before pre-2.1 and legendary gems ( ) and I'm curious how people typically run now. So far I've cleared a level 28 GR (pre 2.1.2) for solo WD on my HC seasonal WD.

Does anyone use a Zuni's set now? I'm just missing Zuni's Marrow at this point.

I'd also like some advice on gems. I'm using Gogok + Enforcer + Pain Enhancer right now. The damage on Enforcer doesn't seem worth it since it's additive with MoJ + % physical on bracers. I'm really only using it for the level 25 damage reduction. Maybe a Bane of the Trapped instead since I'm currently using a Thunderfury? And if I find a Rhen'ho then I'll probably switch to Addling Toads. Any thoughts?


EDIT: I don't have a TMF. I have Fire and Cold SoJs from my wizard, but no physical and nothing I'd want to roll the elemental damage off of. I DO however have a nice dps Rechel's ring, int / chc / chd / socket with 60% move speed. Not sure how useful that would be though as I haven't found a Tiklandian Visage to take it for a spin.

EDIT 2: I find my pet docs are SUPER fast at bringing down elites and RGs but slower for trash since fetish damage doesn't scale well with the number of mobs. Seems like Carnevil + Dagger of Darts would solve that problem. Can Carnevil builds typically push higher than non-SMK MoJ builds?
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Can Carnevil builds typically push higher than non-SMK MoJ builds?

Not sure how high non-SMK MoJ can go, but my Carnevil doc just cleared Rank 35 (#19) so you can certainly get decently high level grifts done as Carnevil. I have an HC SMK but haven't been bothered to use it, Carnevil works just fine.

The ranged damage I find great for HC plus the ability to direct your pet damage to the target you really want dead. You do need a Dagger of Darts though otherwise you will be limited to around T4 or T5 I guess.

Carnevil gems are Simplicity's Strength plus 2 of - trapped, gorgok, enforcer
Just found a Dagger! Not a great one, but decent - 2400 dps with 10% CDR.

Back to Carnevil it is (haven't logged out yet so profile probably hasn't updated)! This is good, I've been dying to play this build with the dagger.

And finally a good use for Simplicity's Strength! I knew I levelled that for a reason. Now, off to find me a Zuni's Marrow.
my advice? loot an SMK

So I'm really loving the dagger so far. THIS is the build I've been looking for. Cleared a 31 (HC) last night even without Zuni's.

One quick question though: My attack speed feels a little on the low side. Would I be better rolling 10% damage on the dagger or 7% attack speed? I'm thinking 7% attack speed, since weapon attack speed is multiplicative with gear attack speed? I've only got about 10 souls, so I don't want to roll it unnecessarily.

EDIT: Dagger is on this guy

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