What are the skills/runes that proc strongarm

For a crusader that is. I see lots of people using them but I don't know which skills work for it since none of them say anything about a knockback.

Sorry if its a dumb question.
Any skill that forcibly displaces a monster activates the Strongarm bonus. This includes knocking it back, knocking it up in the air, pulling it in, or dragging it behind.

Here's a list of the Crusader skill / rune combinations that proc Strongarms. If I'm forgetting any, please let me know and I'll add it to the list:

- Shield Bash @ One on One

- Sweep Attack @ Gathering Sweep

- Steed Charge @ Ramming Speed

- Steed Charge @ Draw and Quarter

- Falling Sword @ Flurry

- Condemn @ Vacuum

- Judgement @ Mass Verdict

- Fist of the Heavens @ Reverberation

- Phalanx @ Stampede

- Ess of Johan activates the Strongarm bonus when it procs, but only if YOU are wearing it. It will not activate it if it is placed on your follower. (This was tested and confirmed by Barbarian theorycrafter Nubtro.)

Hope this helps!
Thanks a ton

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