[PS4] Treasure Goblin Blood Shards Shared?

Console Bug Report
Hi all,
playing online with a friend I noticed that whenever we kill a blood thief (the treasure goblin that drops the blood shards the shards dropped are shared loot.

For instance

Player A and B kill a blood thief goblin. The floor is littered with blood shards (yay!). Player A and B run over the loot and fill up to their 500 shard limit. Player A and B both still see shards on the ground. Player A and B both go back to town to spend shards, and then teleport back into the dungeon. Player A stands in the corner, and watches player B pick up the remaining blood shards. There are no blood shards left now for Player A.

This is the only instance where drops are shared so it makes me think that this is a bug.

(edited to be more clear)

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