Follower skills&items for *Condemn Crusaders*

I assume that a Templar is the overall no.1 follower choice for Crusaders. But I would like to know which items I should aim for and skills too. I'm guessing a Unity is a Must-Have these days :D ...but what else ? I would like to aim for Wrath gen and healing boost. Dmg is very good but overall I'm aiming for a life supportive follower !!
since you are the tank in this case i would actually suggest the enchantress cause she can help alot however if you need more wrath you might try the templar with solanium and a freeze of deflection and the overwhelming desire, though overwhelming might be better on enchantress since she has a skill that can proc it better.
once you make your follower immortal you can focus on damage stats.

the best damage stat is strenght by a large margin...

so I roll sockets on every item and add a red Gem.

then, i look for crit chance or the add x damage stat

I prefer defender of westmarch for a shield since it has 5 main stats

For weapon I find something that has a proc , such as a thunderfury and the like

1 ring is unity

the rest doesn t matter... highest stats

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