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"I'm glad my skill helped me clear that elite pack."
"If I'm not enjoying the game, I can always play something else. There's no need to demand that the game change to fit my desires."

"Everyone has different experiences. I won't discount someone else's experience, just because I haven't seen the same thing."

"I'm glad this is a new game, and not just a remake of the previous one."
If it's the Skeleton King you seek,


"So many Blue responses on this post! Thanks for the in-depth information and staying engaged with the community!"
"please, keep activating the shrines with out nemesis bracers."
Boss is dead. "Guess i`ll tag along till the rift is all clear, and not tp, close and leave"
I like lag.
I can't wait for the next expansion pack.

Blizzard hires awesome game developers.

I'll never quit playing this game. Ever.

Blizzard keep my money. I'll never want a refund.

Who wants PvP anyway.

D3 is a better game than D2.

I can't wait for the next nerf.

Blizzard really cares for it's customers.

Not another Ramaldni gift.
01/24/2015 11:33 AMPosted by CoolSam
01/24/2015 07:56 AMPosted by Alukat


busted too xD and now i'm going to salvage that rimeheart ^^


Since I have found 4 of them, 3 got salvaged.
"Flying through half of the map 90% of the time is so much fun. They should make it 100%"....
"Whenever I am sad, I do trials for 2 hours and I am freaking happy again"

"Oh a barb in the rift group, damn thats awesome lets get my strafe DH so I can keep up and loot the stuff behind him"

"Whuuut, winged assassins on my 47's ? Yessss thats gonna be the endless rift you promoted us"

"Yessss, appear offline option coming soon "
"Oh sweet! A Mighty Weapon!"
01/24/2015 03:35 PMPosted by FishEngineer
"BOA is was a good solution"
actualy myself and alot of the people love Boa it gives a gurantee that the one tha tis wearing it atleast was with the group when it fdropped :D Boa is the best thing that happend to this game

no more free warriors or creditcard warriors
01/24/2015 05:04 AMPosted by L33T

* "lf1m Wizard for GR 45+"

Sad but true.....
'' I love farming mats for Hellfire Amulet''
Online-only is the best way to play any game.

Being able to move ahead before monsters render is the height of excitement.

(Happens to me in the Keep areas a lot. Moving into new rooms and then "becoming" surrounded.)
"I must construct additional pylons."

... Wait. Wrong game.
500 Blood shards is more than enough for a cap off...

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