Things about Diablo III said by no one ever

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"best game ever"
I like when you throw horses at things on your Crusader. That looks really cool and I'm jealous.

So much arcane dust in my stash right now. I don't even

It was fun playing that rift with you, infinite teleport Wizard.
"Ancient items are a really cool design!".
"Oh you were belial all this time? I never saw THAT coming!".
"Waller should last longer!"
"Furious Charge just does too much single target damage - nerf it"

"New patches come out so often - I just can't keep up!"
"Aren't you thankful?"

Oh wait...
"Finally found SMK!"
Constant loss of character control is so fun and engaging. I bet it took the developers a long time to come up with those ideas.
"I love 6pc sets! I wish all items were 6pc sets!!!! That would be awesome!!!!!!!"
That whenever they do maintenance I always have a lag time that causes me to die when the time finally catches up. Today it is so bad that I had to quit playing. I would have thought that as long as this has been out that they would have this fixes by now, I live in the eastern time zone and on the weeken I usually have to quit because the server can't keep up with the demand.
"damn, look at all these awesome, useful legendaries i get every day! i think not all of them should be so good. it's enough when i receive one decent piece of gear every 200 hours to motivate me to play every day =)"
"I wish there was no way to sell this perfect legendary that is extremely hard to find but I have no use for." Oh wait it's not something we have to wish for.
So glad I have to wait for the new wizard set, I'm having so much fun with firebirds, I couldn't bare to use something new so soon
"Diablo 3 is where it is now because of the brilliant developers and the consistent communication within the community. Thank you Blizzard."
This game is hard to follow without a guide. The enemies don't tell me what they are going to do next, they don't thell me where they are going to do it neither when they're going to do it. I love it.
" zero Lag!"
Blizzard is adding way too much content in their patches, they really need to slow it down.
"WOW! I have so much Arcane Dust. I don't know what to do with all this Arcane Dust I have."

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