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I played crusader casually, last time I spent some time on it was with a Firestarter/Foh build.
Reading the most frequent topics, I've noticed that fire Sader isn't even mentioned. What makes him worse than the Condemn/Pet version? Only thing that comes to my mind is survivability due to the different AC rune...in matter of dps I thought that at higher GR levels the dot would have worked well against the big hp pools. Enlighten me :)
The dps just isn't on the level of condemn/stampede. Firestarter used to be more powerful, but was nerfed along with the Akarat's Champion changes a bit after launch. FoH just doesn't compare in damage to phalanx or condemn spam, even with Darklight.
Melisandre is interested in a Firestarter build? What a surprise :)

A variety of factors led to a decrease in Firestarter's popularity:

- Darklight was nerfed in Patch 2.1, so that the second Fist of the Heavens it summons no longer procs Firestarter stacks. If you're still interested in pursuing a Fire build, a well-rolled Maximus, Furnace, or crafted ancient two-hander is a better option.

- Stampede and Condemn offer greater AoE damage combined with far better survivability via the Prophet rune. In Patch 2.1.2, Prophet's revive now activates before Indestructible, making you even harder to kill.

- The powerful damage over time effects from Pain Enhancer and Efficacious Toxin eclipse Firestarter somewhat. For example, Spongebob's "Petsader" build uses both these gems to mimic the effect of Firestarter, while still having access to the Prophet rune for better survivability.

If you enjoy Firestarter, it still does well in T6. However, Stampede and Condemn are more efficient and safer for pushing Grifts.

The night is dark and full of terrors.
Not to hijack the thread, but I'm also interested in a Fire build. I'm not looking for the best DPS or anything, I'd rather focus on Fire and make a good, fun build.

What would be some options? I've tried FoH, Hammers, etc. It's not really clicking yet.
Roland set makes a good fire build setup. Sweep or Shield Bash got good ratios on fire.
Thanks all for replies...
As I thought my info on Firestarter are outdated...also, if I well remember,it wasn't possible to have 2 tempest one over the other...
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Melisandre is interested in a Firestarter build? What a surprise :)

Ahaha I swear it's a mere coincidence :)...and I have proofs! In fact my wiz play time overwhelm other classes, yet I dropped such class right when the FB dot was introduced....the 'Lady' of fire builds :)

Anyway, I should explain where my original question comes from:
I'm not yet decided which class to play on S2... As I just said, I'm a wiz fan but totally hate the FB mechanics...Tons of other fun builds but not on a competitive level.
About Sader i don't like the stampede skill...it's just ugly graphic :/ ...I can barely accept the idea that a slender blonde girl turns into a Skynet robot (AC)... Condemn would be an option, but I felt like in need of alternatives since it might get boring to play the same build for a whole season,
...And since I like alternative stuff I was thinking about something like this (Forgive me if I'm saying something old, I may have lost track of all discussions):

The free slot could be Steed Charge/ Shield Glare/Judgment
With the proper RCD to keep AC up and the new belt i've estimated 13 Bombardment casts/min (x2 with Mortal Drama) = 2 for ~4,5sec each. I was plannig to use also http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/akarats-awakening to quicken occasionally the cooldown (block chance would be decent thanks to punish+hold your ground+ natural block roll on shield)...at the first stages of gearing it could work well easily by giving low priority to CC (that usually is nasty to keep since we need RCD around) and still get huge hits thanks to the Bombardment rune, stacking CD.
I realized that when Bombardment doesn't drop the dps would be low...from here the idea to make use of the AC rune Firestarter to keep going the dmg in those seconds...
Since i couldn't play ptr, nor test now I'm just imagining...

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