Meh HF amy vs Better Vanilla amy

Demon Hunter
Would you rather pick the following Vanilla Amy :

or this Hellfire ?

I can't decide which is better for the cold built. Blood vengeance helps a lot for sustain but doesnt bring much damage compared to the Ouroboros.
Definitely the Ouroboros, except for if you're running T6, in which case Blood Vengeance is actually really nice (though unnecessary with Reaper's Wraps and +25 Hatred in Paragon).
Although a decent passive, the damage loss may be too great to overcome. Hellfire amulets should all roll with optimal stats since they are such a pain to farm materials for.

I have Ancient Hellfire amulets I really regret farming for as well as wasting materials on. With some other ancients, it may be more beneficial to hold out for something better. In your case the Ouroboros seems like a substantial damage increase. But the Hellfire may be useful if you try a non-cold build...
The hellfire amulet is actually pretty "meh". Personally I would go with the ourobouros any day of the week, there's just too big of a damage loss with the hellfire amulet. Blood vengeance is ok, but it's not worth dropping that much damage i m o.
Thats not a "Vanilla" ammy as its lvl 70

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