you have all been band

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For having fun in a manner not approved by Blizzard. Now gtfo!
I was in Band, that was all the way back in middle school though
This thread is guitarded.
I is the suck
I'll jump on the banned wagon...I mean band wagon!
01/26/2015 08:33 PMPosted by Greentea101
I is the suck

No teh Band is strong with you
Does this mean we have no other choice but to play HearthGathering with bots, like is required to do well over there?
I like your funny bandter...
You know what really sucks. I didn't even realize the spelling until reading the posts. Shame me. Take my screenname. Should just be Nom-Nom-Nomniscient
I think we should just BAND together and take it for what it is.
OP is the epitome of American educational system and autism.

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