Gold... what to do with it?

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I see alot of players, streamers, topics about gold issues.
Some pp cant find enough, but the most people are camping with a huge ammount of gold...

U can repair, unsocket , and upgrade/craft items.
But it lacks and needs more depth!

If u got enough gems ( highest ones ) u no need anymore so no need off gold.
Crafting items is a low cold case... u dont use this often..

So why not do a little bit more with the gold ammount, u just saving up and u cant do nothing with it, like in diablo 2 + Lod .. gold was also a big failure...

I Want to know or u guys have great ideas, and or dev. gonna do something about it, because it is totally ... ...

My Ideas:

Explore with ure gold some unlocks in all kind of different ways. But u dont want a to low gold unlock on those things, because then u start all over.. and u saving all ure gold again.. so we want very expensive unlocks..


Extra stash space (1) Gold costs: ( or even more.. this needs to be difficult and must have that feeling it was worth it!

* back in the beta of diablo 3.. Blizz showed a Banner with extra skulls.. extra gold pile infront of banner, gold or red labels on it...

This would be awesome... that u have like 10 unlocks on ure Banner like:

Pile of gold infront of ure banner Gold costs are: gold.
A skull on ure banner stick = 7.500.000.000 gold.
Hardcore bloody skull = gold.
Little goblin doll infront of the banner : 2.500.000.000 gold

And go on like this, so gold is having a value in this game and not a dead end of ... just saving and boring out the gold.. and dont bring the costs of those unlocks not low, because then u start soon with saving gold again.. U want something special.. u need to work for it...

I hope u blizz devs response and pp :)

I do believe there needs to be a MULTIBILLION Goldsink added into the game. I am sitting on 7.7 right now, and have no clue what to do with it all. I ACTUALLY miss the days where I needed gold, as it offered a challenge in the game because I wasn't able to accomplish certain things without it. Now, that challenge of having gold for things, because of Greed, is gone.
I'd like to use gold to buy crafting mats from vendors.

As is the case now, the bottleneck is reusable parts and arcane dust.

Which I'm sure is the boat most people are in.
10 bloodshards for 1 million gold at kadala would be neat ^^
The purpose of making gold so easy to get and mostly useless was to discourage goldsellers from finding new and inventive ways of making a profit. Leave it the way it is.
Everyone is one bad RNG session at the mystic from being broke. It is easy to eat through several billion getting from 5.5 to 6 CHC on a helm, for instance. Would I do that if I didn't have the gold available? Definitely not. But then I would have subpar gear in that particular slot. IF the goal of this game is to find and equip the best gear possible, as stated many times, then there is no gold issue. It doesn't hurt to have an abundance of it in your electronic bank. It hurts a lot when it becomes the sole reason why you can't make your item the best it can be because you don't have enough of it.

If any of you think you have too much gold then feel free to go buy useless crap. I think the merchant in Act II has recipes that sell for 2 million gold or so. Go buy a couple thousand of those and, voila, you've just goldsank 4 billion. Leave other people's games alone.
they could create new Higher tiers of Gems for a start, that will make into a nice gold sinks right there for whoever that can afford it
The only problem I have with gold is that I don't find that goblin every 15 minutes so I can pick up a couple million.
Please let us buy Trial Keys with gold.
The higher the level, the more it costs. The max level being the highest grift completed solo.
If you don't have gold, then you must run the Trials.

Also like the idea of buying bloodshards with gold.
I can see people spending all their gold for this. More folks will be running with Hoarder gem. Might be a good thing or bad thing...
01/29/2015 12:51 PMPosted by ten
Also like the idea of buying bloodshards with gold.

Me too. I like the idea of having this NPC that sells supplemental items to you for expensive prices (100s of millions of gold). These items would be crafting materials, blood shards, regular rift keys, bounty bags, infernal keys, and whatever other goodies I'm forgetting. The most efficient way to get all of those things would remain doing the activities that originally rewarded them (bounties for bounty bags, etc) so the price of these would have to be appropriate.

I like the idea of a supplemental use of gold instead of a gold sink where I'm forced to use gold in this situation otherwise my growth is stunted (rerolling items).
I have bad RNG karma, so I use a lot of gold to reroll items many many times -- used $80 million to get 6% CC up from 5.5% on a helm today.

edit: and I like the shard gobs!
I have thought of an idea on were we could use not only gold but some other excess of resources more heavily on greater rifts system, more specifically trough purchasing greater rift key upgrades/downgrades, I think it could work along the lines of this:

---------------------- IDEA- UPGRADE/DOWNGRADE GR KEYS ---------------------------

1- Leave trials as they are

2- Allow players to purchase directly highest trial key achieved with orek (requires a base ∞ GR key or higher, simple cost since you are accessing what you achieved before, gold based cost, cost scales with key level)

3- Allow players to purchase a +1 GR key upgrade ( requires a GR key, mixed cost, cost scales with level, upgrading would be considerably more expensive than step 2 )

4- Allow players to purchase a -1 GR key downgrade (requires a GR key, simple cost since you are trading its value, gold based cost, cost is reduced by level)


A- Mixed cost could be gems (1 of each type), gold, shards, normal rift keys or a mix of those 4 , cost could scale with greater rift key level. I imagine the cost scaling being mostly gold based after a certain GR mark
We finally could put some use to those excess of resources (specially gems) and players have more flexible options to get the key they want, while still maintaining trials as a meaningful point of reference.

B- Itd be handy if game tracked your highest trial key achieved on 1 player, 2 player, 3 player and 4 player modes separately so you can purchase keys of different ranges, this can introduce a bit of strategy while preparing your key for a GR run. Should I upgrade one I have? should I purchase one I got on trials?, its the kind of questions Im expecting to formulate and no I dont expect this to be annoying because I wouldnt be running trials as often (now thats annoying) and I believe this kind of real time questions/decisions keeps me involved on the experience.

Alternatively, just tracking the highest result on single player and the highest result in multiplayer (just those 2 factions) would work too.
Definitely need the option to purchase crafting mats, Bloodshards, and Hellfire Keys.
01/29/2015 11:32 AMPosted by Alukat
10 bloodshards for 1 million gold at kadala would be neat ^^
I only see one way to spend it... Gamble your chance to specific items like vile ward with resistance.
I like the idea of equating 1 shard with 1,000,000 gold. The 125m I get vrom a vault run would buy me almost two 2-handed weapons from Kadala.
01/29/2015 11:47 AMPosted by Zymurgeist
The purpose of making gold so easy to get and mostly useless was to discourage goldsellers from finding new and inventive ways of making a profit. Leave it the way it is.

They are still selling paragon levels, ancient legendaries etc.
Give the opportunity to change things for both secondary affix REGARDLESS of primary, for the gold of course, for a lot of gold - I agree.

I am willing to farm gold, if I know that I can spend it on something useful that will improve a little my survival or give more fun to the gameplay.

Kadala just let me be the primary stats for materials and gold, and the secondary - only lots of Gold, no matter if the primary parameters already changed.
01/29/2015 11:32 AMPosted by Alukat
10 bloodshards for 1 million gold at kadala would be neat ^^

This! Please, make it happen :)

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