Leoric Set

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Can we have a 4-pc or a 6-pc set from:

Leoric's Signet
Leoric's Crown
Leoric's Gorget
Pauldrons of the Skeleton King
Mad Monarch's Scepter
Good idea!
So, what do you think that 4 PC bonus will look like?

Summon skeleton minions?
Teleport to an enemy nearby?
Invulnerability for a short span?
Summon skeleton minions would be more viable for a 4-piece set regarding Leoric's legendaries. After all, Leoric could summon up to 6 skeletons at a time. It would be very useful if these skeletons actually last longer than 10 seconds and have health that is 25% of player's health, and can deal 50% of weapons damage to enemies.
If it's Leoric, it has to be the Undead. Maybe transform the Witch Doctors Spirit Barrage to much more potent, piercing Bone Spirits (like those in D2, just pierce please) and Fetish Sycophants to Skeletons, Skeleton Archers and Skeleton Mages.
I like the idea. Forgot the mad manarch's staff. That 30% cold thing.

It'd be cool if both weaps were part of the four piece set.

(2) Chance when hit to cast jailer to all enemies in 30 yards.
(4) Chance when hit to summon skeletons.

I unno.
I figure it would be cool if each different class gets a variation of the Skeletons summon with the Leoric's set:


Axe Wielding Bones that deal 560% weapons damage as Physical over 20-30 seconds.


Wrath Bones - bones that after they die, spawns Nephalem Glory Globes. They deal 120% weapons damage as Holy over 25 second


Arcane Bones - they spew out Arcane orbs which deal 300%-440% weapons damage as Lightning for 15 seconds before disappearing and turning into Mini Archons which deal an additional 150% weapons damage as Physical for another 10 seconds.

Witch Doctor:

As per Casmiel's suggestion:

02/02/2015 09:35 AMPosted by casmiel
If it's Leoric, it has to be the Undead. Maybe transform the Witch Doctors Spirit Barrage to much more potent, piercing Bone Spirits (like those in D2, just pierce please) and Fetish Sycophants to Skeletons, Skeleton Archers and Skeleton Mages.

Demon Hunter:

Bone Arrows - they pierce enemies within a 10-24 yard radius and deals 300% weapons damage as Fire over 20 seconds.


Skeletons form a Bone Storm over you extending to your gold/health pick up radius, and deals 200%-600% weapons damage as Physical over 15-35 seconds.

Please give us these abilities Blizzard - the Leoric's set has so much potential.
An additional add-on for every class (general legendary power of Leoric's Set):

There is now a 5%-7% chance that (2-10) Bones will fight by your side when surrounded by more than 20 enemies in your gold/health pickup radius. The Bones deal 50% of your weapons damage as physical, and increases your Damage Per Second, Critical Hit Chance, Damage and Life Per Second by 15, 30, 10, and 3 respectively. They can last up to 30 seconds. This effect can only occur once every 120 seconds.
How about something that gives you a bone wall, similar to D2's Necromancer?

"An orbiting shield of bones that absorbs damage"

I do kinda like SK's teleport and smash ability. That could be a 6 PC bonus.

"Chance to teleport to an enemy and summon a giant mace that deals XXX% weapon damage"

Let's keep 'em coming....
Leoric Set:

(2) Periodically summon 3 (random) skeletons that deals 250% weapon damage per hit. Skeletons last until new ones are summoned.

(3) Whenever you kill a lesser minion, there is a chance that you revive it and make that minion fight for you. Minions last until new ones are summoned. You may have a maximum of 3 revived minions at once.

(4) 25% of the damage dealt to you is now split evenly amongst your pets.

(5) Pets deal 100% more damage and have 100% more health.

(2) Increases Gold and Magic Find by 100%

(3) Increases Gold and Health Pick Up Radius by 3-10 yards

(4) A 0.125%-0.75% chance to summon the spirit of King Leoric to fight by your side for 20-30 seconds, dealing 666% weapons damage as Holy to nearby enemies. This effect can only occur once every 30-60 seconds.
Don't forget the bracers Sanguine Vambraces and the 2-H mace Wrath of the Bone King, guys.
02/03/2015 03:14 PMPosted by PNPT
Don't forget the bracers Sanguine Vambraces and the 2-H mace Wrath of the Bone King, guys.

Right. Wasn't aware that Vambraces is an SK item as well. That actually completes the 6 pc set.

All we need now are set bonuses.
My idea for the set:
2 pc: + 500 Vit
3 pc: + 50% increased Cold damage
4 pc: Chance on attack an Undead enemy to Charm them to fight for you until they die (only works on white monsters).
5 pc: You take 30% less Cold damage and Frozen duration is reduced by 50% (half freeze duration).
6 pc: Whenever you spend more than 40% of your maximum resource within 2 seconds, you summon (a clone of) Leoric. He uses Summon Skeletons, Ghastly Teleport and Wrath of Bone King (the sweeping attack). Leoric has 50% of your maximum Life and lasts until he dies. You can only have one Leoric at a time.
Charmed Undead enemies by the 4 pc bonus will gain 75% more damage and 50% more attack speed when Leoric is active.
He can summon up to 6 skeletons (melee and ranged) that each attacks with 50% wd as Cold.
His sweeping attack deals 550% wd as Cold and he uses it once every second.

Personally I don't like the 'Chance on doing x to do y' stuffs. Straight out summon Leoric is simply easier.

PS. There are also "Coven" set (Act 2), "Sin Lords" set (Act 3) and "Death" set (Act 5), if you might have noticed.
Coven set should focus on Human enemies and Shrine/Pylon effects.
Sin Lords set should focus on Demon enemies and damage against Elites.
Death set should focus on Reaper enemies and something related to souls, like gathering Soul charges to do something.

I like your ideas man. They are really awesome.

An awesome Death set could be:

(2) Summon an Exarch Slave to your side for 10-30 seconds, dealing 150%-235% weapons damage as Holy.
(4) For every Death Breath that drops, there is a 1%-5% chance that a Forgotten Soul will also drop
(6) Gain Malthaels' Death Shroud ability for 25-60 seconds in a 12-24 yard radius around you, dealing 230%-600% damage as Physical to all enemies.

An awesome Coven Set could be:

(2) For every shrine that you find, there is a 2%-20% (varies) chance that 6-10 Coven Summoners attack you - increases Bonus experience by 25% (additive)
(3) The effects and duration of every shrine that you find within a 10-30 min timeframe, is increased by 50% and an additional 5 minutes if another shrine is found within the given timeframe.
(4) Monsters will drop X% of your gold find while you attack them - increases Magic Find by 60%.

For the Sin Lords Set:

(2) You increase your attack speed and critical hit chance by 5% and 20%-60% (varies)
(3) When battling against any of the bosses in Act III, there is a 5%-10% chance that Firefly Spiderlings will be summoned. These spiders (2-8 in total - varies) have 75% of your life, and deals 160% weapons damage as Fire for 20-60 seconds (varies)
(4) Increases Critical Hit Damage against Elites by 100%-250%. Increases Attack Speed by 23%-96%. Regenerates 100-600 Life/Second.

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