How are DH's dealing with reflect? Also..

Demon Hunter
I run with a friend who plays DH he has the marauder set and is lovin the sentry/pet build. When doing (greater)rifts though it seems like he has no chance when we come across reflect. Like to the point where he shouldnt even attack even when reflect is down, because when it comes up he dies like instantly even when he stops shooting. I'm just curious how other DH's are dealing with reflect.

Also, I see alot of DH wearing Arcane barb crossbow. Is this the preferred weapon for this build? My buddy found a kridershot(sp?) and he really enjoys it but is this arcane barb better for some reason?
People use arcane barb because in general 2 handed crossbow is best and it's easy to craft a good ancient arcane barb. If he has an ancient kridershot that is going to be better, but if it's not ancient not so much.

How high of grifts do you get before reflect becomes a problem?
we go probably around 38-40 before its a problem anything before 38 dies to fast to be problematic
I find that the only way I can keep firing while RD is out is to place my sentries around the RD mob, then spam CA at nothing.

Sometimes it works... sometimes I die.

IMO though, there are a lot of really squishy DHs around, that don't use any form of mitigation.
Smokescreen is the answer. I don't have any trouble with RD even at GR 47 (some toughness like ~13M helps aswell) but mainly SS.

Wait when RD is fully up then start firing when the RD buff is still on the mob but is about to disappear to maximise the damage windows and use smokescreen to tank those RD damage. Use the time RD is down to fire the maximum of shots then as soon as you start taking damage back use smokescreen to tank the last bit of your reflected last attacks. Repeat.
Also remember that your sentry fires no matter what your target is. Another trick is to simply fire at the ground behind you while your sentry will autoaim the mobs and you won't take damage.
I shoot till my life bleeds to the point that I can't and then I back till it drops and resume. In any case, you just stop shooting and let your pets mess them up.

AB is optimal weapon for the CA build that's all. Any ancient 2h xbow is probably better, but the AB is craftable, so it's just a matter of mats. Don't have to wait for it to drop or get it from Kadala.
Shoot elsewhere when reflect is up.

AB is used because it's simply the easiest obtainable best weapon with highest dmg average and none of the ancient 2h xbows is better (all it matters is how much average dmg is does and if you have rcr).
Generate hatred when RD is up and use excess hatred off the target while maintaining above 80% to burst when Reflect is down.
Smoke screen works quite well, my wall is at level 43 Grifts but even there reflect is no problem, shot when reflect is down and as soon as I see reflect up I pop SS and wait until reflect is down again.

You can also do a bit of damage with sentries while reflect is up, I guess DH don't have it that bad vs reflect affix.

Regarding the arcane barb, like some already mentioned, its "easy" to get a decent ancient one since you can keep crafting and also works very well in cluster arrow builds, since its a slow heavy hitting weapon it will be easier to manage your hatred.

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