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Q: Should the maximum number of set pieces for a end game sets be reduced to increase build variation and diversity?

If yes, what should be new standard number of pieces be? 4 (e.g. Sunwukos,) 5 (e.g Reakors)

If no, why should the number of required pieces stay or how could it be tweaked?
Answer: Add more set bonuses for 3/5 pieces.
Skill-based set bonuses on many sets kill build diversity.
2 sets at once still kill diversity (but less).
Polls are frowned upon according to forum rules. Lol. Anyway.

1 or 2 less items required for a set will not do anything for the game. The end result would be you will gain the space for another set item effect or legendary effect. The question will be then so what? Core problems of this game will still exist.
Yes, all sets should be a max of 4 pieces. Less sets, more slots for legendary items=more item diversity. BUT if this was to happen they need to improve on the crappy legs we have right now and make them POWERFUL!
I'm responding under the assumption that sets will never be nerfed to the point of being top-tier optional. With this assumption in mind, the less mandatory gear the better. In addition, limit the game to allowing only one complete set bonus per character. If you equip multiple sets, you only get the additional set bonuses of the first one equipped. With this in place you could reduce sets to 2 or 3 pieces and I'd be fine with it.
A: Yes.

4 items per set - but with a total of 6-7 items to chose from.

This would even enable you combining sets.

For example, you could come up with a Hybrid build by using IK set and Raekors by using 3 pieces of each with a Rorg.
A: no
RoRG already provides a "item count needed reduction".
6P sets are OP as they are now. That is not going to change and I don't think it should. No sense on combining OP sets to be uber-OP.
More 6P sets should be created.

This game needs a way to separate players by "power" eg amateur vs professionals.
Think of it like "nascar". You need a specific build (eg M6) to join the top league (sprint cup).
Forcing "stock 4" players to be in the Sprint Cup challenge is a horrible idea.
Make all sets 4 (or 5 or whatever) piece (Helm, Chest, Pants, Shoulders) and class oriented, and get rid of leg pieces of that type, moving all other leg attributes to the other slot types. THAT would shake things up. It would limit you to one set at a time with multiple other leg attributes on the rest of your gear. (Can toss out the RORG while we're at it)
No...but hear me out.

Sets should fill every slot: Head, Shoulder, Chest, Belt, Boots, Pants, Gloves, Bracers.

You get bonuses for 2, 3, or 4 pieces. Each piece you equip beyond that strengthens the bonuses by some percentage. This way it opens things up totally for you to mix/match sets or hyper-specialize if you want to.
02/05/2015 05:25 AMPosted by DaFemaleBoss
Polls are frowned upon according to forum rules.

Petition threads are frowned upon, as well as any type of thread where people ask for replies as votes, which has the effect of discouraging real discussion.

That said, it's totally fine to pick a certain aspect of the game and ask whether and why your fellow community members might want to change it - even if they're limited to a relatively short response (as in this thread).

For instance, it's helpful to know why people might not want to change the number of pieces required in a competitive end-game Set. On the other hand, if they do feel the number of pieces should be reduced, it's equally good to know how many pieces they think end-game Sets should have, and why they feel that's the right number.

It's the "why" behind the way players feel that's most helpful to us, simply because it gives us much more detailed information that we can pass on to the development team. That said, this discussion is fine as is, and I hope to see it continue. :)
Five pieces out of a six or seven piece set feels about right. That gives you some ability to select which non-set pieces you want to add without outright combining sets, which would both further reduce the room for customization and dilute the flavor/impact of the sets.

Note that RoRG makes 5pc the de facto standard already. If 5pc is made the new standard it'd have to go hand in hand with overhauling RoRG, which honestly I would completely welcome. I miss having two ring slots.
02/06/2015 04:05 PMPosted by Tyvalir
For instance, it's helpful to know why people might not want to change the number of pieces required in a competitive end-game Set. On the other hand, if they do feel the number of pieces should be reduced, it's equally good to know how many pieces they think end-game Sets should have, and why they feel that's the right number.

I feel like we should have less pieces required, maybe 5 instead of 6. I'm not saying that because I secretly want to stack more powerful legendaries on my character, but I feel like a lot of unique and fun legendaries can end up forgotten because we have to stack six set pieces, or five + Ring of Royal Grandeur.

My primary class is Witch Doctor. When I first got started playing in RoS, pets were the thing to do and they didn't require a six piece set (or even a four piece set if you were smart), so hunting for each individual legendary was fun and exciting, and I felt my power grow drastically once I equipped each one. Mask of Jeram, Tasker and Theo, Starmetal Kukri; each individual piece adds so much power to your build and I actually remember the exact moment where I picked up each one for the first time. My first piece of the Jade Harvester six-piece set? No idea, probably Kadala.

To reiterate, I'm not against sets, but I feel that a lot more uniqueness can be packed into a single legendary, and if reducing the number of pieces required for the final set bonus allows me to get my hands on another such legendary, then I'm all for it.
Why does invoker set exist? lol
I'd like to see 4 or 5 required pieces with a variety of slots available.

I'd also like to see Ring of Royal Grandeur die in a fire. Its required for almost every endgame build, and that tells me you're better off just having one less required item and getting rid of RoRG's current passive. Maybe make it 100% boost to all primary stat set bonuses or something. (In other words, when a set would give say 500 dex, it would give 1000 instead)
I think the problem with sets is how powerful they are compared with the rest of the stuff.

There are already 2 pieces set (well they have no very special effect, hope there will be), and I hope they'll had many different sets, both by size and builds.

4 is a healthy number, allows to drop the rorg, or use 2-3 sets at same time/ many nice additional legendaries.
Current 6-piece sets should stay thou. What needs a huge buff is the 4-piece ones no1 even looks at atm. That way we would have the choice- roll with cookie cutter 6 piece, or try to mix and match multiple sets, while getting similar dps/ health/ cc/ fun.
Atm those "mix & match" sets are 10-20 grift levels behind cookie cutter.
Capping at 3 pieces (and removing/reworking RoRG).
Bonuses with 1/2/3 pieces
feel the sets should stay as they are but have, as many others have said, really rare four piece sets sets and single leg the have good synergy so that we can play around with them and still hit high grifts.
I think set requirements should be bumped down by -1 piece (except for 2 piece sets of course). For example 4 piece is now 3 piece and 6 piece is now 5 piece. I also second the motion that sets should include more pieces than are required to achieve the set bonus. This way, players can decide which pieces to swap out to make the optimal build making RRoG less mandatory. Good slots to add to high piece sets (5) would be: bracers, belt, or weapon. This of course would be thought out in advance what slots would be used for what set based on current and future item synergies with the set being created.
Not sure i agree with any of this sets are not the only factor example my current monk sure 3pc wuko rrog then soj 3pc raiment tzo's helm and weapon torch reapers bracers any of these items or even the set bonuses alone are not op but add it all together and all of a sudden its nerf nerf nerf these things wer not easy to farm and constitute the end game these are full builds where every item has a role its no different then d2 where the hammerdin ruled the world of baal runs and smiter ruled ubers people need ro understand there will allways be best in slot builds diversity is not dead many builds work in reg rifts its greaters that are funneling everyone into the same build

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