Diablo 3 is worth every penny you paid -I still love D3

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Well said OP. Words of wisdom amidst a sea of ignorance
02/13/2015 02:23 AMPosted by Jaffy
By sheer logic this game is great value for money. The haters say extraordinarily stupid things and they're very hateful and wrong in their logic

I am very respectful, as u can see in my posts towards u and every1 here (unlike u so by sheer logic u are the hater u talk about...right?), but u keep on trolling saying the most strange and bizar things....u think for people and now u define sheer logic and haters ? ;-) there is something really!! fckd up in your mind... the world simply doesnt work like that and if u can not compute that i simply suggest a shrink for you....since u are far gone it is for starters (going outside and actually meet a bunch of people also works....that or u get beat up for thinking and speaking for them sharing you sheer logic ;-)
Because you know what people like and enjoy am I rite? You know it was worth for them, because you seem to know everyone.

Amount of sheer ignorance and sheepness is silly.
Change that you to me kiddo, you can't represent anyone but yourself.
02/13/2015 02:28 AMPosted by Libertine
I have also tried many hack & slash games (one of my favourite genres), but none of them have had as fluent animations and fun monster bashing as D3.

yup exactly the same situation here. have you tried marvel heroes?

the animations and movement are weird... almost grid-like. like you're playing some weird warhammer 40k table top game but in real time.
02/12/2015 04:12 AMPosted by Kiadaw
While I think its worth the money I paid, its not for us to tell other if something is worth their money.

With that said, one important thing is often missing for apologists, D3 was sold by Diablo reputation, due to the massive love & genre defining predecossor! Dialblo & subsequent D2 define the Arpg genre, & even today, its influence can still be seen in many Arpg/RPG.

While it is a good game in its own right, many people who buy D3 expect a proper sequel, so by that argument, its justifable to demand more fro the game.

Proper sequel? D3 has surpassed its predecessors in all facets of an arpg game.

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