Interim build before Condem

I have everything I need for a Condem build minus the Blade of Prophecy and as RNG is RNG, who knows when I will find it. I have been using Condem and it does fairly well, but I have a hard stop at GRift 25-27 and cannot progress past that point.

What are some of the recommended builds that can be used until I get a Blade of Prophecy drop?
I just got the 5th Akarat piece and have the shield for condemn but also no BoP. I am also find the grifts hard at level 24+.

Not sure I have the gear 100% uptime on Akarat but may be able to get close. Have a nice DPS sword but no other build specific weapon. Current gear and build are messed up as I am a bit lost on what to do.
I'm sorta the same position. No BoP yet... but I've got a 6 piece akarat, Frydehr's Wrath and vigilante belt. Right now I'm using blessed hammer w/ limitless as my main dps. I've got a 7 second window or so when Akarat is down so I cast iron skin between when needed. Gear is far from optimized though etc...
The build I've been rolling until I'm ready for condemn or stampede (which will depend on RNG) is blessed shield. Nicely tanky, I'm sitting @ 950k sheet DPS & 40% CDR w/ 5 pieces of akkarat+RoRG. Sheet DPS Jumps up to ~1.4m with Akkarat's Champ up, which is most of the time. The play feel is very good, but blocking just doesn't scale to T6, and the damage doesn't scale up far enough to really roll past T4. I'm just hanging out mostly in T3, waiting for the RNG to open my path to higher torments.
All my low levels , to grind faster and farm better, I just played a support build for groups. Used roland set for spamming Sweep stun with blind. All the DH and Sorces will love you lol.
I'm in the same boat. Have the condemn shield and I'm using it but without the sword. Like a person said above grift 24+ takes too long to kill stuff. I could probably do a stampede build if I get the shield, but I really don't like playing that build. I'm almost to the point of giving up on my crusader.

Edit: Just got my first bop :D non ancient but that's ok. The difference is night and day holy crap.
I thought we were suppossed to get more stuff in Seasons! So far only a few tihngs of interest have fallen and killing things fast isn't an option right now.
As a (relatively) new player and new crusader, I totally went through the same thing like a week ago before I completed full Akkran's. I was a little different than you in terms that I was really lucky and got my BoP and FW before I even finished my Akkran's set (although the 5th piece literally took like 100+ paragon levels).

My advice for you is to see what other "build defining" legendary weapons and shields you have. For example, I had the shield that made shield glare AOE and a Heart Slaughter w/30% phy dmg (and Strongarms with physical %) so I ended up going Stampede before condemn even though I didn't have unrelenting phalanx. I also switched between the HS and Mortal Drama with the bombard belt (physical rune) with Stampede as the spender. It worked well enough for me do T6 solo and in a group. Other fun things I would have liked to try was holy shotgun with FotF. I also don't have a Furnace or Maximus and they sound popular as well.

Before that, I'm fairly certain I ran a hammer build and used the Steed Charge weapon and focused on bounties and lower level T rifts. Hope this helps!

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