Create a set for your favourite element(s)

As title suggests, make a set to make your favourite element(s) awesome.

Suggestions when making set(suggestions only)

  • no +500 int; we as wizards deserve better
  • Underlying concept; set should inspire interactive gameplay
  • Max of 3 bonuses. Combining bonuses under a single "x pc:" does not count as 1 bonus
  • Set should emphasize (an) element(s)
  • Maybe explain concept behind set for clarity purposes

I'll start:

Revenant of the Frozen Sea (cold)

2pc: Minor damage buff
Freezing an enemy causes them to take 1000% weapon damage over 3 seconds. This effect does not stack.

4pc: Major defensive buff
Frost Nova now also grants invincibility for 3 seconds or until you move

6pc: game changing damage buff
When enemies thaw out(unfreeze) the ice shatters dealing 2000% WD plus any damage you dealt while they were frozen over the past 3 seconds within a 5 yard radius. This effect does not stack with itself and cannot proc more than once a second.

Basically the set rewards players for freezing enemies. The 2 pc provides damage that isn't game breaking(same as SWK) and complements the 6pc guaranteeing 3000%WD. The 6 pc works similar to exploding palm but is based on freezes and allows increasing damage even with diminishing returns of CC on elites/RGs. The 4pc makes FN an extremely powerful defensive skill every 11 or so seconds. Think Lissandras ulti from LoL but you can still attack.
(2) Negate the next incoming blow that deals 15% or more of your maximum HP and spawn a Mirror Image. Holds 2 charges that reset after 6 seconds
(3) Mirror Images deal 100% of your damage
(4) Each attack from a separate mirror Image increases your damage and the damage of other Mirror Images by 20%
Jered Cain set suggestion:

Holder of Mjolnir set:
Myken's ball of hate (converted to set item) - offhand
Velvet Camaral (converted to set) - helm
Rubber gloves - gloves, carry added 10-15% lightning damage
Grounded boots - boots
Discharged cords - pants

2 Piece bonus: Increase lightning type damage by 30%
3 Piece bonus: 30% chance to stun enemies using electrocute for 1.5 seconds (paralysis on steroids)
4 Piece bonus: Enemies hit by electrocute release 2 enemy-seeking pulses that deal 500% weapon damage as lightning

End result is a semi-cc build with lots of areal damage. Not so strong for rift guardians but should do quite the chaos in groups.

Synergetic items:
All weapons with added lightning damage (Shaefer's, odyn son)
Thundergod's vigor
Heart of a Frozen Star

2pc: When a frozen target unfreezes they release Frost Nova. If skill is on bar will use what ever rune you are using. No skill on bar defaults to un-runed frost nova.

4pc: Chilled or Frozen targets take 500% more cold dmg from Wizard.

6pc: Frozen targets have 100% proc rate from any skill/item or set bounce. Over riding any cool down or built in proc rate. So long as target is frozen.

Set piece Feet/Pants/Shoulders/Bracers/Belt/Chest/Amulet
Arcane awesomesause set

2pc: reduces the cost of arcane spell by 25%

4pc: 50% of your arcane damage Refracts to nearby targets

6pc: Permanent clone pet that will copy your spells doing 50% of your damage. ((that includes Mirror images!!!))
Ramuh's Revenge

2pc: Increase the proc chance of paralysis to 30% and the stun duration to 2.5 seconds.

4pc: Lightning critical hits cause you to gain a stack of Ramuh's Anger for 5 seconds. When at 15 stacks; your next lightning spell that costs arcane power consumes all stacks and deals 400% increased damage

5pc: Consuming stacks now releases 15 bolts of electricity at the target location; each dealing 300% weapon damage as lightning
Snow Queen's Embrace

Chest, Pants, Head, Shoulders, Gloves, Belt. Boots

2 pc: Your Cold damage spells have a 50% chance on cast to reduce the cooldown of Diamond Skin by 1 second.

4 pc: Diamond Skin lasts until broken. Gained shield HP adds to Diamond Skin's absorb amount.

6 pc: Your Cold spells deal 500% increased Cold damage while your Diamond Skin is active.

Along with two new Legendaries:

Snow Queen's Chosen - Legendary Amulet:

Diamond Skin starts with 500% more shield HP.

Driftwood of the Frozen Sea - Legendary Wand:

Your Glacial Spike and Frozen Orb do 200% increased damage to Chilled targets.
Screw yer rules on bonuses. I designed a cold set that would work for any cold build diversity you can come up with and posted it here:
Archmage's Vestments

2: Gain the base effect of all Armor spells at all times.

4: Whenever you cast a spell that spends AP, the AP cost of your next spell is reduced by 60% if it deals a different type of damage.

6: Casting a spell that spends AP increases the damage of spells that deal a different type of damage by 200% for 4 seconds. This effect can stack for different elements (up to a total increase of 600%).
Relentless cold

2PC - Standing still you gain the effect of all ice armor (you lose if you move). [survivability]

4PC - Ray of frost now gain the effect of Slept Storm rune. Chilled monster now have 30% to be frozen for 1s. [Control]

6PC - Ray of frost now do 2000% more damage to chilled or frozen monsters. [damage]

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