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Unhallowed Essence

Do Not Allow the set to see Chakram/Spines of Seething Hatred and Elemental Arrow/Kridershot as "generators."

Right now I am using a Hungering Arrow/Multishot/Spike Trap/Sentry UE build, all Fire, with Cindercoat, and I had no idea how it would perform.

So I started at T2, and flattened everything like I was playing Normal.

So I went to T4 and flattened everything like I was playing Normal.

So I went to T6, and I had some difficulty only because it's a totally new skill set for me...I never used Spike Trap long-term, so I got killed a couple times in the Blood Marsh, fighting 3 packs of Elite Phasebeasts and Sand Wasps, trying to find the damn button and position the Spike but the set felt every bit as powerful as the M6, and that's with my stupidity in building characters; I threw this thing together to try it, and it's killin' 'em!

People need to quit evaluating this set in comparison to the M6 and to GRift 40+.

They need to look at it as if a player like me, who doesn't care about those things, is going to use it.

I found the pieces, and threw together 5 of them with the RoRG and Cindercoat, rerolled a couple of obvious choices, used Hungering Arrow because that had a bonus on one of the pieces already, and I ended up with a character that has just short of a million sheet DPS, and 14 million Toughness, with 1.5 million Recovery. And I don't even have top-tier gems in it yet!

I was stunned with the performance of this set, and I used it with a Rank 26 Simplicity's Strength, so I am boosting the damage of the Generators even further, and generating Hatred, Discipline and Life on hit.

Here are some screenshots of the character sheet and equipment:

I am quite pleasantly surprised by the set.

As to EA and Kridershot, my feeling is that neither of those skills are "generators." Even though they do generate Hatred, the Unhallowed Essence set should only boost the damage of "Primary" skills that generate Hatred, and Multishot.

Chakram and Elemental Arrow are spenders, and always will be, no matter if we find a legendary item that cause them to generate Hatred.

The set should treat them as such, or it will be ruined for ever regular Primary generator, it's intended target, and we will have nothing more than another M6 with different artwork.

Steve Austin
Name of the set you are testing: Firebird's Finery

What do you like most?
Plays very similar to live; ran around with Blizzard (Apoc), Hydra (Mammoth) and the damage feels appropriate.

What do you like least?
Currently the 4-piece feels useless; Wizards have for the most part no reason to use a signature spell because doing so provides little to no benefit to the function of the set.

How do you feel about the playstyle provided when this set is fully equipped?
T6 and GR 33 – I did not make any major attempts to reach a peak power level. As on live I could do 40 with it, I expect that since nothing damage wise has changed it should be the same.

Do you feel this compares with other sets for your class? Why or why not?
No, Firebirds feel very lackluster compared to the new “more interactive sets”. It would be more interesting to see changes the 4-piece.

Additional comments:
I would suggest that the 4-piece be something like:
Your fire resource spenders increase the damage of your next fire signature spell by 75%; stacks 4 times and is consumed upon signature spell cast and restores 10 arcane power per stack consumed.
Name of the set you are testing:

What do you like most?
Shield Bash feels very powerful now, and the reduced cooldown from Shield Glare is a HUGE quality of life improvement

What do you like least?
It's basically very good just the way it is, though there needs to be more of a reason to use Sweep Attack instead of Shield Bash.

How do you feel about the playstyle provided when this set is fully equipped?
Awesome. This is what a Crusader should be.

Approximate power level (Highest Greater Rift reached, Torment difficulty played, etc.)
T6 Rifts, had no issues clearing even with a 3800 dps non-ancient 2h weapon.

Do you feel this compares with other sets for your class? Why or why not?
Definitely. It feels really good to play.

Additional Comments:
I never got the bracers, but that would just invalidate using Sweep Attack more. Sweep Attack needs some love.


Name of the set you are testing:

What do you like most?
I flipping love the Dark Cloud rune on Rain of Vengeance, so I enjoyed using that and it feels really good to use.

What do you like least?
The damage could definitely be increased to keep up with Marauder's set. I also didn't really like how restricting it is that RoV interrupts actions. It stops Strafe/Rapid Fire dead in it's tracks and considering Strafe/Rapid Fire synergize very well with this set, it's a pity. I also really dislike that the Ring/Bow are parts of the set, and there really should be a Natalya's Shoulders, Pants, or Belt (or any 2 of the 3, even).

How do you feel about the playstyle provided when this set is fully equipped?
Pretty awesome. I always loved the Natalya's set even when it was simply a 4 piece set.

Approximate power level (Highest Greater Rift reached, Torment difficulty played, etc.)
T6 Rifts, had no issues clearing, though I have an ancient Nat's bow, so that probably helped.

Do you feel this compares with other sets for your class? Why or why not?
Sadly, not quite. The damage just isn't quite up to par with Marauder's and probably not close to Unhallowed Essence either (I never got to test that set).

Additional Comments: I suggest changing some part of the set to increase the damage of Rapid Fire and Strafe while RoV is active. This would not only give these abilities a place, but would also just feel awesome considering the synergy these abilities have with the set. And for heaven's sake, remove the half second cast time on RoV.

I don't quite like the Gloves of the Rain in their current format (reduce damage by ~30% while RoV is active) since I don't feel like they really do all that much. There's a lot of other options here, such as increased RoV damage, increased Hatred Regeneration while RoV is active, etc.

I also hate that the icon for having Dark Cloud active is gone. I liked seeing how many stacks I had. Huge step backwards, but it could just be a bug of some sort.

EDIT: I'd also like to see Natalya's Ring come with a guaranteed socket, just like the Sunwuko amulet.
02/25/2015 02:40 PMPosted by Nevalistis
To help guide your feedback, we ask that you use the following format:

Name of the set you are testing:
What do you like most?
What do you like least?
How do you feel about the playstyle provided when this set is fully equipped?
Approximate power level (Highest Greater Rift reached, Torment difficulty played, etc.)
Do you feel this compares with other sets for your class? Why or why not?
Additional comments:

1. Set tested = Zunimass
    Pieces I found
  • Helm
  • Off-hand
  • Chest
  • Boots
  • Ring
  • Time tested
  • two days
  • 3-4 hour sessions

2. Things I Enjoyed.
    The Sheer size of my army was impressive.
  • 23 fetishes
  • 3 Gargantuans
  • 1 Huge Zombie dog
  • My army was able to hold of and distract huge grps of enemies.
    Single target Damage seemed extremely high
    The Synergy with fetish summoning items was very nice
  • Used Cloth of Transcendence.
  • Wording is a little misleading
  • The effect triggers every time a mana spender spends mana

3. Things I do not like.
    The Set slot configuration leaves little room for pet support items.
  • Zuni Ring Is not worth using.
      Stronger options
    • Tall Mans Finger
    • Little Mans Finger
    • Unity
    • Stone of Jordan
    • Compass Rose
  • Helm and gloves pushes out two best pet focused items for WD
      Mask of Jeram
      Tasker & Theo
  • The 6 piece bonus is not worth giving up two support item slots.
      100% conditional pet damage vs..
    • 75-100% permanent pet damage + 40-50% pet attack speed
    • 3 Gargantuans + 75-100% pet damage
    • Super dog (Single hardest hitting pet) + 75-100% pet damage
    • Super dog + 3 Gargantuans
    • 40-50% pet attack speed + Super dog
    • ETC....

The first 2 set bonus are very generic and out dated.
    (2) Set
  • 250 intelligence
      Less than a max level gem.
  • 30 mana per kill
      Not comparable to unique legendary affix traded for its gear slot
  • (3) Set
  • 75 all resistance
      Less max level gem
      Would be better as Armor
  • 7.5 mana per second
      half of what can be gain on gear (14 M.P.S.)
  • 250 Int + 30 M.P.K. + 75 A.R. + 7.5 M.P.S.
    2-3 unique legendary bonuses is heavily out of balance.

4. Play-style impressions
    The play style I fell into was finding a spender (spirit barrage) I could spam to keep summoning fetishes via my Cloth of Transcendence. I was always at 15 summoned fetishes which believe is the cap. It would be fairly easy to maintain the (6) set bonus via this play style. I could not find The Zuni gloves so I did not have a lot of flexibility with which slot to use for Zunimass set bonuses. I did have a well rolled ring but it was not worth Giving up either Tall or Small man finger.

    I get the impression that Zunimass is to be a fetish only set. No gargantuan. No zombies dogs. The fetishes themselves do not seem strong enough to be used by themselves. The fetish army ability does not seem on par with gargantuan or zombie dogs.

5. Difficulty was T6 Bounties and Rifts.
Name of the set you are testing: Raiment of a Thousand Storms, Bastions of Will & Inna's Mantra

What do you like most? I've been testing a build that uses the two piece bonus from Raiment, mixed with the two piece of Inna's and both of the Bastion set. What I like most is that I've been granted a viable build centered entirely around a Spirit Generator hitting very hard and fast, as well as being freed up to explore ring options besides the shoe-horned RoRG. This is the first time since the day I first bought D3, that I feel like I'm free to explore odd piece builds and it's not all cookie cutter. End to end, my excitement for 2.2 and my monk is monumental as I form the basis of my build and the items I'll now need to farm on my seasonal monk on the live servers. I hope and pray the Raiment 2 piece won't be adjusted or killed as it presents a massively fun playstyle without any of the game breaking perma-invincibility, or wild imbalances. I just want fun, and dammit, you guys NAILED fun here. Both solo and with friends.

What do you like least? Truthfully, nothing. This is hands down the most fun I've had playing in a LONG time. I punch things hard and fast, and any misplays and deaths are my own. Progression and fun are hand in hand and I feel like I've earned my gear.

How do you feel about the playstyle provided when this set is fully equipped?

- Bastions of Will set is very powerful but also very niche since you need little to no spending to make it worth while, but it's a damn fine set and I'd love to see it stay in it's present form since it gives options to players like myself using perhaps alternative play styles.

- Inna's Mantra in it's full set is wickedly fun, as I've had the chance to play with it, and it's both super useful in a party atmosphere but is also balanced well for solo play. In my case, I'm utilitzing the 2 piece bonus for the mantra buff for the much needed toughness and also the Mystic Ally bonus, as it pairs with my Crudest Boots in a wonderful way. I hope to see this stay, because as stated before, the 2 piece on this set enables a mixing of sets that makes you fully consider each slot used rather then just grabbing the first pieces you get and slapping them on.

- Raiment of a Thousand Storms in the BASIS of my entire build and more so the 2 piece bonus. It's powerful, quick and useful, but can be used to branch into a cool off build like mine. I've done the 6 set bonuses on this set as well, and it's quite fun, though I find Dashing Strike a bit clunky to use, which is a big part as to why I've opted to go only for the 2 set. Aside of course from the fact I'm using a build based entirely from my Primary abilities dealing the damage. Even running a simple 4 piece from this set is massively useful and I find the order of the bonuses to be placed perfectly to aim for the build you want. 500 dex is cool, but not 25% atk speed and 500% dmg on primary skill cool. Nailed it.

Approximate power level (Highest Greater Rift reached, Torment difficulty played, etc.): Can presently do Greater Rift 39 solo, only lacking a bit more refined gear and toughness to advance further. I'm not however a hardcore player, so I'm not super concerned with moving quick, just having a blast and clearly the highest rifts I've ever done solo. With a group, and a few choice upgrades ago, I cleared a Greater Rift 43. However, tonight we're going again and I'm hoping for 45 at least.

Do you feel this compares with other sets for your class? Why or why not? I think it's awesome and very comparable, only requires some thinking outside the box and being patient while you mix and match the required set pieces and required items. Notably the Depth Diggers and Spirit Guard bracers make this build what it is, and it's hella fun. Sunwuko's is done time and time again, what I have here is fresh, works well with a team and is just plain satisfying to play.

Additional comments: I've gushed here and wrote a bit of a wall of text, and my honest hope is that these sets stay the same or very similar since it's a very good and fun play style. FUN is the key here since I might enjoy my Crusader, but I know that I have to use the cookie cutter items and builds to achieve certain greater rift levels and such. These redesigned sets, set bonuses and such have wildly increased the fun and options of playing while keeping the roadblocks and milestones of progression fun, satisfying and less about looking to see what the other guys are doing and more about what you enjoy and how to use the plethora of legendary gems and special item effects to form a build worth playing.

TL;DR - Don't nerf, much fun, so wow.
02/25/2015 02:40 PMPosted by Nevalistis
Name of the set you are testing:

Immortal kings

02/25/2015 02:40 PMPosted by Nevalistis
What do you like most?

changing the permanent ancients to the 2 pc set was a nice touch, and will likely be utilized with other sets in the future

02/25/2015 02:40 PMPosted by Nevalistis
What do you like least?

Lack of engagement for the barb himself due to so much Aoe damage put out from the ancients. dare I say it, the ancients are too good when used in conjunction with the Bastions of Will rings, but if the ancients are nerfed without redirecting the set appropriately the set will become useless once again. The set lacks a spender. I don't feel like I'm doing anything

02/25/2015 02:40 PMPosted by Nevalistis
How do you feel about the play style provided when this set is fully equipped?

First off, I was using the 6 piece set (with a well rolled ancient IK maul) with the Mortick's breeches pants. I used random, yet well rolled shoulders, strongarms, a well rolled fire amulet, with the Bastions of Will rings. Skills are wotb/ancients(fire rune)/BR (marauders)/WC (impunity)/frenzy (maniac)/ground stomp (wrenching smash). As for the build, I actually really don't like the play style. I have 700+ plus hours on RoS playing a barbarian and virtually countless hours playing the barbarian in Diablo 2. The way the set is currently designed just isn't the barbarian. It's easily viable, but a set should be more than that and the devs seem to make it a point that characters are to be played to be effective, and this set is way to effective for doing almost nothing. The play style - I would simply kite everything while trying to get my fury up, once it was up the ancients steamrolled everything and I would just stay back and watch. The barbarian has always been a melee character. An in your face, get your hands dirty kind of character. The barbarian hasn't been that for a long, long time and this set makes me feel like I'm playing some strange cross between other classes. It seems like many classes are moving away from melee skills and using casting skills. While that is ok for other classes, it isn't keeping true to this class. It seems part of the reason this occurs is the lack of being able to survive in a melee atmosphere in higher greater rifts due to obscene damage output from mobs. It's all about avoidance now, which this set follows that mantra perfectly. I don't like it, it's not the barbarian play style but I would love to have more than one competitive set for the barbarian, and this one has potential..

02/25/2015 02:40 PMPosted by Nevalistis
Approximate power level (Highest Greater Rift reached, Torment difficulty played, etc.)
Do you feel this compares with other sets for your class? Why or why not?

I completed a Greater rift 42 in about 11 minutes with poorly rolled restraint/focus (refer to build I mentioned earlier) and had to kite almost everything but the ancients killed everything quite well while I did nothing. This build was not particularly fun. I was not engaged. I then changed only the jewelery to unity & soj with good rolls to compare. I used the same gems with the same skills. I completed a gr40 in 13:30 minutes. That one comparison shows the damage output increase from Bastions of Will, which is a different issue in and of itself. With ideal rolls on those 2 rings, the gap between BiS will be even further apart. That said, despite the lower GR from unity/soj I had more enjoyment playing that over Bastions of WIll. Because my toughness was so much higher, I was able to engage and fight with my ancients which was a lot more fun, even though my only attack skill was frenzy, and for that reason, it still was a little lack luster because my dps output was so poor. Is it a viable set? yes it is, and it is easily.

That said, if the Bastions of Will set gets changed the viability of this set changes very drastically.

02/25/2015 02:40 PMPosted by Nevalistis
Additional comments:

I had a huge long write up for this part of my post but I'm editing it and deleting most of it. What I would like to see is more engagement and the use of a fury spender. No set for the barbarian really utilizes a fury spender. I think part of the reason why is because barbarians have a huge struggle generating fury without bloating the skill tree with skills that don't do enough damage.
This will sound a little crazy but I would like to see Bastions of Will nerfed so they can compete as BiS but not be the absolutely clear winner.
I would also love to see this set become a 5 piece set (since the 6th piece realistically is Mortick's breeches anyways...) and add a shoulder piece to the set. or keep it a 6 piece but add shoulders so you aren't completely forced to use the IK maul. it may be argued that the set will become too OP if joined with Raekor's while using RoRG. I tried it, I assure you it isn't even comparable to Bastions of Will/IK or IK/unity/soj. When I combined Raekors with IK and a RoRG it took me about 10 deaths and 25 minutes to complete a GR 39 while switching to only IK with Bastions of Will I completed a GR 39 in 7:30 minutes with no deaths. Furious charge damage is very low and survivability sucks with that setup.
removing the 4 pc IK bonus AOE of the ancients and put the 4 pc bonus as ancients gain the effect of every rune might be a neat idea. While initially this might seem OP. I don't think it will be. Nerfing the ancients AOE will greatly reduce their effectiveness for anything but single target which means you will have to find a skill that does a lot of damage. This idea is way more a nerf than a positive dps output as far as clear speeds go. The pros are the ancients would generate fury, which could be used on a spender (now you as the player is actually forced to be engaged because they aren't clearing high GR nearly as quickly and you may even be overwhelmed due to mob density now unless you have a dps spender yourself). They will give you enough toughness (combined with Wotb) to actually play it as a melee character instead of kiting so long as you keep them alive, they do die quickly in high GR when they share your damage but the enforcer gem will help and ancients blessing rune while spamming a damage spender would help them survive. As a side note, I still died twice when I used soj/unity in the GR 40 game even though my toughness was roughly 50 million plus the unity effect with my follower (100million toughness). You need a TON of toughness to survive high GR if you're getting hit a lot. One other issue is a lot of damage spenders are expensive. There are ways around this for other classes (namely crusader, since it's the most similar class) so why not change one of the wotb runes (such as arreat's wail, see below) to be a resource cost reduction rune to promote the use of a spender? or create an item that has a legendary affix (bracers perhaps?) reducing the cost of fury spenders?
what of WotB arreat's Wail rune. That is a totally useless rune that nobody is or will ever use. a 3400% aoe bomb once every 90 seconds is about as useless as it gets with the current game, especially given the other runes for that skill. What about switching it to a 50% resource reduction rune? of course the initial thought is whoa wotB will be way to op with 50rcr, 50dr, 50ed. Well, like I've mentioned before. The barbarian doesn't even use spenders so maybe this could give incentive to find builds that do.
As an aside, and possibly the biggest issue I see with the 4pc IK bonus is the ancients life per fury spent stacking with the wotb life per fury spent rune. I would think it to be a good idea to have the life/fury for wotb reduced accordingly.
This was still really long winded but maybe there's an idea worth considering in it some place lol
Rainment 6 feedback:

The old Rainment dashing strike had some inherent area damage to it:

(6) Set:
After using Dashing Strike, release Lightning at all nearby enemies for 3000% weapon damage.

That seems to be gone now and even though the dashing strike is buffed to 5000% I felt the old area damage dashing strike had more effect (Boss single target + killed trash around it). It would be nice if you bring back that area damage. I felt it was more worthwhile just to keep using generators and didn't even bother dashing, except to buff the attack speed. Might just go 2/4-piece here and mix with another set. The 6 piece does not feel rewarding enough to use. Maybe there was an expectation that it would feel like the old Jawbreaker gameplay without the Jawbreaker. Or may be I've been spoiled to think it would be like the Raeker Barb set which has insane CC and area damage.

As far as weapons go, Flying Dragon, Kyro, and SOH (+ Thunderfury/Won Kim Lau/Oden Son/Sledgefist) were all good, but the slanderer + little rogue combo felt pretty awesome. Gems I used were gogok, simple strength, and powerful. Dashing strike rune was Radiance with sweeping wind cyclone. Passives: Alacrity, Seize, Harmony and Momentum.

T6 was a breeze, can finish under 5 minutes, so the set is at least T6 viable. Haven't done GR's with it yet, but it feels like it would be about a mid to high 30's set.
Unhallowed Essence (6 piece) & Natalya's (4 piece)
The combination is UE all except the Boots which I swapped for Bloody Footprint (had an Ancient in my stash before the PTR. For Nataly's I added the Gun (hardly seems like a bow) and the Ring. I also added an Ancient Dead Man's Legacy for the 69% MS Buff. An RRoG completed the 10 piece buff requirements.

I will state I was running with an Awareness Hellfire Medallion that didn't have Crit. So my Crit Damage was below 300%. But, my Crit Chance was around 50%. I put MS on Helm and Boots. Couldn't roll it onto my Quiver.

Other passives are Ambush to get the Knock the HP %age down for the quiver buff to kick in. Cull of the Weak to go along with Bane of the Trapped and CC skills. Steady Aim to Get the Distance Buff and Ballistics to get the Rockets for MS Arsenal

Skill are Entangling Shot Burden, MS Arsenal, Preparation Punishment, Companion Bat, SS Healing Vapors, and Rain of Vengeance Flying Strike.

My Paragon is 568. Being above 400, I can easily max out fully any of 2 buffs on each of the Paragon tabs.

Highest GR 35, but probably could go higher with some optimization and some practice.

On T6 this build is OP. I'm not sure the Natalya's 4 Piece buff is right. It makes is way too easy to get the CDR. You get it on Cast. Yes you don't even have to hit anything and the buff clock on Rain of Vengeance snaps off over 5 seconds per second. I have a little over 19% with the Helm Diamond in CDR. So, for the most part, this is up 100% of the time. The only constraint is Resouces and I almost never ran out. I have Bat and Punishment along with an Ancient Reaper's Wraps. I would estimate I had 95% uptime.

The combo of Ambush and the Quiver was crazy. Hit them with RoV and if they survived that, MS was double tapping. I was consistently seeing 120M Crits. This is notable since I have a very suboptimal Necklace.If I had one with Crit Damage, it would have been a lot higher.

Anyway, I picked Entangling Shot for the CC to go along with the double buff. I'm not even sure this is necessary. RoV freezes everything. You pretty much just need to use a primary to CDR RoV, so it might be more optimal to use whatever the Highest Generator is.

The 2 sets synergize well with the Discipline buffs. I had 70, with only lowering it for the Health buff with HV. On T6, this didn't matter much.

On GR 35, I was running a slightly different build, I wasn't running Ambush, so I need to recheck. I did struggle a bit, needing to use SS a lot. So this was detrimental to DPS. Kind of a downward spriral. Ambush will probably help. What I couldn't test was using a Gizzard. So it would be nice have this made available in the PTR. This build disallows the use of Unity, because, I don't think there is a way to get Nat's 4 Piece without the Ring.

First impression of 6 piece EU is that it sucks. But if you add Nat's 4 Piece, it's very strong. I think I can get rid of either Bat or Punishment for T6, so clears might be faster if I find something to fill the open button slot.

The damage potential of the firebirds set is left in the dust because unlike casted skills, it cannot benifit from skill% damage, cannot benifit from lowering cooldowns or items that buff resource management, and does not scale with attack speed. In addition the only sets that can reach competative levels of damage, on the level of M6 DH's dealing ~10bil DPS in groups and ~2-3bil DPS solo, are the ones with items like the new Meteor boots, or Shield Bash bracers which increase the damage of those skills by 5x which is not really an option for firebirds.

The 6-set bonus (and now the 4-set too) is a fixed amount of damage that ignores or doesn't benifit from some of the most effective stats or strategies to improve damage.


Slow time is used to defend yourself or keep enemies from reaching you. The method given in the 2-set bonus for refreshing slow time in the 2-set bonus involves standing still. The 4-set bonus suffers from all of the same ills that befall the firebird 6-set bonus as outlined above. The 6-set bonus suffers 2-fold, first from relying on enemies to stay within a small area-slow which they grow progressive resistance to (up to 70% resistance) and who many have charge/leap animations that completely ignore it. Second from buffing skills which have a terrible Arcane Power to Damage conversion rate.

The numbers on Arcane orb are too low, energy twister does not stay on target, shock pulse is worse in every way than magic missile (less damage, less range, lower proc coeff, and no supporting legendaries), and magic missile does more damage and AoE than both of the listed spenders because of mirrorball. This combines with the need for the set to somehow buff our DPS to about 6x or more what it currently is with the set on the PTR to be within the same order of magnitude as other dps options in group settings. I am not suggesting that the buff needs to change from 500% to 600%, when I say 6x I mean it would require the buff to reach up to 2900% or more.

Crown of the Primus

The damage and utility benifit of this crown are is far far too small to make us use RoRG to complete the set, and in doing so giving up focus and restraint. Even if we did use RoRG, the piece of the set that would be replaced would be gloves to make room for magefists because fire is still far and away the element with the best rune support for dealing damage through magic missile: conflagarate's damage, AoE, and range. I don't want fire to be the best. Make fire not be the best.

Compared to other sets:

Both sets are an order of magnitude behind Tal Rasha in the best case, meaning the damage numbers of tal's current uses another digit. That is how far apart the sets are currently.
Really loving the huge amount of constructive and well-stated feedback in here. This has been a huge boon. To keep it succinct: thank you so much!

There's a few changes coming down the pipeline for the next PTR patch that we thought you should know in case you would like to take it into account when providing your feedback:

  • The following sets will be gaining a 7th piece of the set to make acquiring the 6-piece bonuses comparable to newer sets that don't include weapons or jewelry slots. This is in addition to the pieces that have already been added in 2.2.0.
    • Immortal King's Call - Legs
    • Inna's Mantray - Hands
    • Natalya's Vengeance - Hands
    • Tal Rasha's Elements - Hands
    • Zunimassa's Haunt - Legs

There's a number of other changes coming to various sets and legendaries that are meant as complimentary to sets, but I want to avoid this post getting too patch-note-esque. We'll be thoroughly updating the PTR Patch Notes when the next patch comes around, so please check them out once they're available!

Now, back to sifting through feedback. ;)
Hmm, would have preferred Zuni Shoulder.
Also with Natalay's, would have preferred shoulders.
03/04/2015 10:01 AMPosted by Nevalistis
Immortal King's Call - Legs

03/04/2015 10:01 AMPosted by Nevalistis
The following sets will be gaining a 7th piece of the set to make acquiring the 6-piece bonuses comparable to newer sets that don't include weapons or jewelry slots. This is in addition to the pieces that have already been added in 2.2.0.
Immortal King's Call - Legs
Inna's Mantray - Hands
Natalya's Vengeance - Hands
Tal Rasha's Elements - Hands
Zunimassa's Haunt - Legs

Wow amazing! Thanks for adding this flexibility! It will make gear less cookie cutter and more customizable!

Really this is evidence that you actually listen to community feedback. Thank you!
So Zuni gets pants that directly conflict with the new Zuni pants that are not actually part of the set. Can't win for losing -_-
Legs and Hands are some pretty hotly contested slots, so I'm assuming that's why they were chosen. That said, I would prefer shoulders as well for most of these.
03/04/2015 10:09 AMPosted by AkUriel
03/04/2015 10:01 AMPosted by Nevalistis
Immortal King's Call - Legs


*Facepalm* Because Shoulders/Bracers just make too much sense. We are getting WOTB Pants, no one will use the IK pants because of it.
It seems illogical to add IK and Zunimassa pants when they just released Mortick's Breeches and the Cloth of Transcendence, both items that are best in slot for their respective sets. And what is the hate against shoulders? There are so few good options there. I appreciate more set items to choose from, but it is a bit obtuse to release slots that are already going to be used for something else.
03/04/2015 10:01 AMPosted by Nevalistis
Immortal King's Call - Legs
03/04/2015 10:12 AMPosted by Tiem
So Zuni gets pants that directly conflict with the new Zuni pants that are not actually part of the set. Can't win for losing -_-

I have a sneaking suspicion that the new Legendary pants already in the PTR will become the pants that are the 7th piece of the set.

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