Bane of the Trapped....How does it work?

This Jewel,,,,Bane of the Trapped.

It says: Increase damage against enemies under the effects of control-impairing effects by 15.00%.

My question is: what Monk skills constitute "Control impairing effects?"

Im thinking my EP/Wave of light monk would not benefit from this jewel. Am I right or wrong?
The main thing with BotT and melee specs it's the 25 rank ability, the slowing aura provided by the gem is a considered a control impairing effect and as such enemies within 15yards will suffer more damage from your attacks.
water allies with ranged fire build make this gem super awesome.

the ally give you a control impairing slow on hit, so first hit sucks, but with sunwuko 3 set, water ally, and bane of trapped, plus zei's gem and tzo spirit stone, you get huge damage buff.

other skills, mantra of conviction has a MV speed slow for 30 yards
Made a thread about how to proc it -

Bell Stuns proc it
Awesome.....I see now why so many Monks equip it....Thanks for the replies!

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