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Decided to make this my random Mechanics testing/results thread instead of making a new post everytime and forgetting where it is. I am bad at formatting so, uhh, scroll down.

1. [2.1] Spirit Generator Quick Ref:

2. [2.2] How to Proc BotT/Zei:

3. [2.2] Mainhand/Offhand Testing:

4. [2.2] Dashing Strike Mechanics:

5. Gizzard & LPS Formula for 2.2 (post 28) / 2.3 (post 168)

6. [2.3] Zei test with DS & EP

7. [2.2] Pigsticker Multiplicativeness

8. [2.3] Broken Promises Proc Conditions Testing

9. [2.3] Convention of Elements Snapshot Testing

10. [2.3] Uliana Testing with BP, Madstone, Gungdo, MH/OH, Snapshotting, etc

11. [2.3] Flying Dragon Proc formula

12. [PTR] Essence Burn PTR Testing (DoT refreshing did NOT go live in 2.3)

13. [2.3] Area Damage test with Sunwuko (no workie)

14. [2.3] Mangle vs FoF for Raiment 2pc builds discussion

15. [2.3] Some Static Charge proc Mechanics

16. [2.3] Some FoF Max stack snapshot Mechanics

17. [2.3] Tempest Rush Mechanics

18. [2.4 PTR] New Item testing

19. [2.4] Mystic Ally Mechanics

20. [2.4] Mechanics Summary

21. [2.4] Vengeful Wind Stack damage info

22. [2.4.1] Oculus Ring Dance Steps

23. [2.4.1] Mechanics Summary / Update (SWK buff, Uliana -snapshot

24. [2.4.1] Uliana EP snapshoting in E6/S5

25. [2.4.1] Support Monk Mechanics

26. [2.4.2] Generator Ranking Update

27. [2.4.2] Mechanics Summary / Update (Scarbringer/Gyana, Gen update)

28. [2.4.3] Mechanics Summary / Update (Rabid Strike, Inna Buff)

28. [2.5.0] Mini-Mechanics Summary / Update (Gyana proc fix, Rimeheat Bis!)

So if you have a random question related to one of the mechanics listed, let me know. I may (eventually) be bored enough to try and figure it out. I list the patch the mechanics were tested on, so things may have changed with or without "official patch notes".
Well, I hope now people believe me when I'm telling them those skills alternate, ty Davlok ^.^

03/04/2015 06:22 AMPosted by Davlok
( Totally forgot to test Cyclone Strike )

Just as a tip, you can test this at the "Heart of Sin" in Act3 (Storymode obviously). The heart can take dmg but it won't kill you, pretty good spot to test something like this.
03/04/2015 06:29 AMPosted by Volun
Well, I hope now people believe me

Welcome to my boat!
03/04/2015 09:02 AMPosted by Heisenberg
03/04/2015 06:29 AMPosted by Volun
Well, I hope now people believe me

Welcome to my boat!

Hahaha :D
Haven't done any real mechanics testing for a while, but decided to verify a few things I thought I had figured out on PTR last year (but apparently not). Figured I would share the results from the current live servers. Tests done using my trusty Staff of Herding, empty socket SoJ, and Rank 50 gems (~30% bonus damage for both)

Bane of the Trapped

Keep in mind, the gem doesn't care WHO actually does the impairment effect, as long as the enemy is affected by it. (so follower slows such as Templar's TF will proc your BotT.)

- Does NOT proc off Taunts (Clones, followers)
- Does NOT proc off cold weapon damage. (Weapon damage roll)
- Does NOT proc off Knockup or Pulls (DReach / cyclone strike)
- Does proc off Snares/Slows (Dishearten, Cold SWK clones!)
- Does proc off Stun effects (Zei's)
- Does proc off Freeze effects (Master of Wind)
- Does proc off Blind effects (Faith in the Light)
- Does proc off Immobilize effects
- Does proc off BotT's secondary effect

Taunt Test: http://i.imgur.com/Ncj6Rzy.png
Cold-weapon damage Test: http://i.imgur.com/MlHVbRm.jpg

Zei's Stone of Vengeance

- Works with Tzo Krin's Gaze
- Damagr calculated from Player (not center of bell)

Tzo Test: http://i.imgur.com/xRXtDwD.png
Tzo Test2: http://i.imgur.com/NDhqiDy.jpg
Tzo Test3: http://i.imgur.com/6QrVSmf.jpg

Been pretty bored with the ancient grind already, so if anyone has any other things to test out, I am probably willing to test ^_^
Is it possible to test ep explosion not just ep ticks?

If that alternates as well that would explain why in higher grifts I have felt way stronger with furnace than with ancient borns / non ancient fist on ep explosions.
I'm pretty sure the EP explosion is alternativng as well.
I believed in MH only a while back and rolled the damage off a bornes sword to get dex, vit, CDR and RCR but of course lowering the damage to something like 300 dps. suddenly the WoL but also the EP explosions felt really weak and inconsistent.

So I tested the EP explosion and while it was difficult to be sure without taking a video and analyzing all the numbers that pop up quickly, it did look like the explosion was alternating.
This is bad news. When did they change it? In RoS or it's PTR change-only? I remember these skills used main hand only before 2.0 and I'm sure of it. Can anyone confirm on live?
I tested on 2.12 live

When Darth tested it I knew the stat stick party had ended...even though removing CD from weapons had already done that.
Keep seeing some of the same questions on what skills are mainhand, offhand and decided to actually do a quick test this morning.. as I too had never really confirmed them myself.

The skills commonly thought to be MH-only are: WoL, CS, EP.
Skills that Alternate: Generators, LTK, DS, TR, SSS, SW.

These were done this morning on PTR 2.2 - (where you can waste mats & ruin items)

Mainhand = Level 70 Eun-Jang-Do Sword
Offhand = Level 20 Blue Dagger
Armor = +10 thac0 Birthday Suit

Control Test = Basic Attack
MH Active = 14,985 damage
OH Active = 500 damage
Conclusion = Basic Attack alternates between MH & OH

Test #1 = Wave of Light (roughly 8.35x basic attack)
MH Active = 137,860 damage
OH Active = 4201 damage
Conclusion = Wave of Light alternates between MH & OH

Test #2 = Exploding Palm
MH Active = 23,549 damage per tick
OH Active = 537 damage per tick
Conclusion = EP alternates between MH & OH

Test #3 = Cyclone Strike
MH Active = ~40,000 damage
OH Active = ~1300 damage
Conclusion = CS alternates between MH & OH

Test #4 = EP Explosion
MH Active = ~380,000 explosion
OH Active = ~14,000 explosion
Conclusion = EP Explosion snapshots the active hand used.

Hope the tests make sense ^_^

Screenshot of WoL/EP Test#1/2 = http://i.imgur.com/ae25GYc.jpg
Screenshot of CS Test#3 = http://i.imgur.com/FYjHCGY.jpg
Screenshot of EP Test#4 = http://i.imgur.com/6cGhXKi.jpg
Somewhat related, but I tested +%EP damage affix on PTR2.2 last night and can confirm it does affect both the explosion & the DoT.

Screenshot of Testing = http://i.imgur.com/ouOpkd3.jpg

Control Test #s

(MS paint fail)

Control Test#1 = Basic Attack
Damage = 166 = 100% wd

Control Test#2 = 0% EP DoT tick
Damage = 177
177*11+44 = 1991 ; 1991 / 166 = 1200%
Conclusion = EP DoT does correct damage

Control Test#3 = +15% EP DoT tick
Damage = 203
177*1.15 = ~203
Conclusion = +% EP works on DoT

Control Test#4 = 0% EP Explosion
Damage = 4589
166*27.7 = ~4598
Conclusion = EP explosion does correct damage

Control Test#5 = +15% EP Explosion
Damage = 5277
4589*1.15 = 5277
Conclusion = +% EP works on Explosion

So +% EP on boots & helm if you can ^_^
Another random EP test: EP Proc Coefficients

Impending Doom = 0.0 Proc Coefficient
Shocking Grasp = 2x 0.25 Proc Efficient (0.5 total)
All other Runes = 0.25 Proc Coefficient

Control Test#1 PC using 100% Hack
Hack Damage @ 1.0 PC basic attack = 45,753
Hack Damage Shocking Grasp = 2x 11,438
45,753/14,438 = 0.25
Conclusion = SG has 2x 0.25 Proc Coefficent

Screenshot = http://i.imgur.com/s4ZqbIt.png
How about ds with/without the new rainment.
03/20/2015 04:07 PMPosted by BrianL
How about ds with/without the new rainment.

All @ 0.2 per enemy hit.
Dashing Strike Mythic Rhythum Test

Did a MR test a few days back for a random reddit post, reposting here for Darth.

Screenshot of Testing = http://i.imgur.com/rsVWdG2.jpg

Control Test #s

Control Test#1 = Basic Attack
Damage = 2194 = 100% wd

* - following values are slightly off since 2194 displayed by the game is rounded up slightly.

Control Test#2 = Normal Dashing Strike w/ +29% DS dmg
Damage = 10,470
2194 * 3.7 * 1.29 = 10,472
Conclusion = Dashing Strike does the correct damage.

Control Test#3 = R6 DS w/ +29% DS dmg
Damage = 353,703
2194 * 125 * 1.29 = 353,783
Conclusion = R6 DS does the correct damage

Control Test#4 = R6 DS w/ +29% DS and +40% MR active
Damage = 495,185
2194 * 125 * 1.29 * 1.4 = 495,295
Conclusion = Mythic Rhythm DOES work on R6 DS.
Awesome Thanks man..

how come no one uses tho?
Part of the problem with it is the lack of indicator of when it is active. Very hard to count on something if you may not be proccing it and not know
is it confirmed that Deadly Reach:Strike from beyond does not work for R6?

also does R6 dashing strike proc the damage increase if your bane of the trapped is lvl 25 and above?
oooo, nice stuff as usual Davlok!

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