Where did the monk mvps go?

I could have sworn we had one or two at some point...

What happened to the last thread?
It got deleted, I don't know what was wrong about the forum discussion favorite/famous posters.
03/03/2015 02:18 PMPosted by Colt
What happened to the last thread?

Yeah, and while we are at it - where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?
In all seriousness it felt like monk's were being pushed back into the dark ages of being shut down and disregarded with the most recent response to the mass hatred of the 4/6 piece 1k storms set and I thought it would be nice to have one of our mvp's or well thought posters speak up for us since this is the ptr and it would be the best time to stop this bad situation from repeating itself. That I why I originally made the first thread.
Lyn ! <3 what are the odds of seeing you here, small world huh?
Don't know why that thread got deleted?, surely its a useful discussion to have
Probably because it was getting a bit too personal and we were quoting/calling out people more than necessary.

Although from what I recall everyone did it with a decent moderation, but surely mods disagreed.
If the Boss lady is stopping by to say hi then I guess I should too...

Long time Fitz. :)

Where's my recipes Colt????
That other thread was gold.

A shame.
Wow bee too ! .. nostalgia is flowing trough my veins now :P
Only class that probably still has an active MVP are wizards. Maybe blizz don't see the need/urgency to get new MVPs.
jaetch for monk mvp!
Hi back @ Colt & Wanna! (% We should totally schedule some sort of reunion you-know-where.

And to add something pertinent to this topic:

03/03/2015 07:28 PMPosted by Mythicman
Maybe blizz don't see the need/urgency to get new MVPs.

Blizz doesn't honestly care about the presence or absence of MVPs on the forums. Those appointed as MVPs are usually knowledgeable, gentle and well-spoken people, selected for the sake of adding some color to the posts, which greatly alleviates the need for consistent forum mods presence and (hopefully) keeps the class communities at least partially unified and in check. Their opinions and recommendations have no added weight when design decisions are made and the implication that they are some sort of representatives and speakers for the unwashed masses of regular players is largely illusionary.

This may very well be one of the reasons for which Druin has chosen to withdraw. We know how passionate he is about the Monk and the fact that all his well thought-out and reasoned attempts to parley with Blizz on behalf of the Monk community were obviously falling on deaf ears may have burned him out. I certainly hope to see him return some day, but I can't say I see how his or any other MVP's presence is going to help the community with taking our pleas any closer to the people who make the decisions. At the end of the day - it's the Blizz way or the highway.
I vote Heisenberg as new MVP! ;)
Laurelynd!!! I miss you!! <3 where have you been hiding????

to the others, i have the last page in the deleted thread still cached in another window lololol
lol @ the entire thread being reported.

I agree with Lyn on MVPs. Blizz probably cares very little in the big scheme about them at all. I think people make them out to seem like they have actual pull with the company, but I think they are probably more like just a carrot to get people to play nice on the forums in the hope that one day, they too may have fancy green text.
I was going to comment on the reportings too, this thread will most likely be nuked soon.

I think we all can guess who. Kid with spilt milk?
03/04/2015 02:59 AMPosted by Weegee
I think we all can guess who. Kid with spilt milk?

"But, but, but... I WANTED TO BE MVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Funny how some people think others are stupid. Mirrors are a beautiful thing.

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