Taeguk Gem Bugged?

Bug Report

I hope we all know the Taeguk Gems;

Whenever you spend primary resources such as spirit, rage, mana etc.. it increases damage by 0.5% per stack and at rank 25, armor aswell for 0.5%.

I recently (30 mins ago) logged on my Monk and I've had this gem equiped for almost whole season 2 and it has always worked when I spent Spirit. Now all of a sudden it doesn't stack anymore whenever I spend spirit without doing damage.

So basically whenever I do damage AND spend spirit it will only stack. It use to stack whenever I spent spirit without even doing damage (sweeping wind, Inna's Set bonus). I wonder if it's just a bug that found it's way in or did they change/nerf anything about it?

Kind regards
Do you have any resource cost reduced by x% on any of your gear? because i noticed that whenever i put my paragon points into resource reduction my sweeping wind no longer gives stacks of Taeguk ( maybe the ressource spent is so low that it doesnt trigger it) and when i remove the points, sweeping winds starts to gives stacks again.
Hope that helps :P
Innas Set + 6.8% or more Resource Cost Reduction will reduce the cost of Sweeping Wind to 0. This is because RCR is applied first and then Innas Set reduces the cost by 70

Taeguks requires resources to be spent in order to proc

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