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Rifts have a chance to be between 1-10 levels. I personally like to continue to clear the rift after the RG is dead, but to be honest it loses its flavor knowing there is nothing more to look forwards to. Sure there is a chance for some resplendent chests, or some goblins, but there isn't a solid goal to continue the clear. On the Grift side, you could have an epic 10 level grift just waiting to be explored under your feet, but once the RG is dead, all the monsters despawn so there is no point at all for those additional levels.

Suggestion: Why not have the RG or Grift guardian spawn in the final level of the rift?

Your progress bar could be scaled according to the amount of mobs and levels that are determined by the rift you are in. Therefore you still need to get to 100% before the RG spawns (on the final level), but it could be carefully balanced so that you can't just clear one level and then run to the final level to get the RG.

To keep farming efficiency up, the amount of blood shards the RG drops would be scaled to how many levels of the rift you went through. This way you aren't losing any shard farming efficiency by clearing a rift with 7 levels versus a rift with 1 level. For a greater rift you would get more shards and more loot so the efficiency would stay there as well.

(This also solves the problem of having people close the rift on you)

Any thoughts?
one thought - grifts don't give any gold/ gear or have chests or gobs, so aside from exp, why would you care to clear it? hell, everything disappears when the grg spawns; so... what? lol
03/12/2015 08:55 AMPosted by Fizzmopper
Suggestion: Why not have the RG or Grift guardian spawn in the final level of the rift?

Because people that prefer not to full-clear would be forced to. It doesnt get simpler.

Some people LIKE ending at the RG quickly. You'd absolutely bone those people.

It's no more fair to demand people that prefer 2 minute runs take 10+ minutes than it is to close the rift early on those that dont want to stop. It's the same egotism in reverse.
I think Grifts are fine the way they are.
Rifts work great too, but I do agree that there should be some added incentive to continue for those who wish too. Placing a second RG or a random keywarden at the exit would suffice. Giving an increased Legendary drop rate boost within the rift until it closes might help also.
03/12/2015 09:23 AMPosted by JadeHand
there should be some added incentive to continue for those who wish too

That's always welcome, but i'd personally hate for it to be so good as to feel mandatory.

Right now, i clear as far as i want to clear (usually to the end) and rifts are enjoyable because i do them on my own terms. Anything i find IS the reward for continuing on.

But if i hit a map i really dont like.... i'm done. I would not want to feel obligated to finish.

Just my perspective.
I think Rifts (and Greater Rifts, if someone wants to do that; I don't see use in them past getting a gem to rank 25) would have a lot more long-term life if Blizzard gave us infinite difficulty and coupled Legendary quality to difficulty level instead of character level (which has a built-in ceiling).

My idea of a "perfect" Diablo involves infinite difficulty levels (call them "Torment" or whatever else), with the quality (stats) of Legendaries dropping in a given level preparing you for the next-highest level. Make certain Legendaries only drop once you're at a minimum difficulty setting. Keep Seasons for the players who want leaderboards and competitive play, keep Greater Rifts for players who want to push for the greatest possible efficiency, but keep the core game about the loot hunt, and don't limit it at Torment 6.

Right now Legendaries are coupled to a class' level, and don't take into account Paragon Levels. This puts a very fast ceiling on them; with their quality being uncoupled from difficulty, it means once you pass the Torment barrier (as some Legendaries only drop at Torment 1 or higher), you've got the same chance of a given Legendary dropping at Torment 1 as you do Torment 6. Higher difficulty only gives you MORE Legendaries, not BETTER Legendaries.

I think in a scenario like I'm proposing, patches could be used to introduce new Legendaries, maybe 2-3 new monster types and 1-2 new environments for Rifts. Retail expansions like Reaper of Souls could be used to progress Sanctuary's story (a new Act), introduce new classes, do major overhauls of existing classes (as needed), and provide greater numbers of new Legendaries, monsters and Rift environments.

I'd be fine with a more robust PvP system, maybe one like Hardcore where you're only able to make a PvP-enabled character on that setting, all games you play in are "public", bounties can be set on players using a system in the UI or on the forums, and "kill cooldowns" are implemented to avoid someone being repeatedly ganked to the point that they can't play the game. Prevent migration from a normal game to a PvP game to avoid people leveling up in safety, and let fly. Turn in ears on bounties to an NPC in town to get a reward (a Legendary, XP, crafting mats, blood shards, etc.).

I realize some players don't want an ongoing "hamster wheel" where you're always on the hunt for better gear, but that's the core of the Diablo experience: the item hunt. I think it can be better actualized than in its current iteration.
My idea was to make rifts and greater rifts more distinct, encouraging full clears for rifts, but speed runs for greater rifts. So each type of playstyle has a dedicated game mode.

For rifts, the progress bar is removed. Instead, each floor of the rift has clearing it as an objective (giving you gold, experience, blood shards and a keystone of trials as a reward, much like bounties). Additionally, clearing a rift floor gives you a chance to summon the rift guardian; the chance is tied to difficulty level. Thus, you could fight more than one rift guardian within a rift by clearing multiple floors, or none if you're unlucky. When you close the rift after full clearing, you gain a horadric cache. The closing timer can be removed.

Greater rifts would be unchanged, except the rewards might be adjusted to be more comparable to a rift.

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