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Should DHs still roll sentry dmg on their quivers, chests, and shoulders?
shoulders and chests.. roll ca or mutishot on quivers
I believe you want Cluster Arrows on your quiver, other than that, yes. Marauders works a bit differently than last I played. You cannot spam drop them and let them do all the work.
Quiver - CA or MS depending on what you use. It impacts 100% of your damage, while Sentry is providing only approx 40% of total damage (depending on your leg. gems), so factor that into your sentry calculation.

Shoulders - Many prefer RCR/CDR since it helps for your own attacks and SS spam. Really depends if you're comfortable running no vit, it can improve your dps by (40% x 15% = 6%).

Chest - Again how much toughness are you willing to drop? Dex and triple socket should all be BiS from a damage standpoint (assuming 11K dex). But many prefer at least some toughness.

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