Just how rare is the Star Metal Kukri?

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I have over 30k elite kills under my belt on my WD and not once in my career have I seen it drop. Am I *that* unlucky?
You have some nice items and several items in the same uber rare category. So I wouldn't say unlucky. Keep truckin' and you'll get it eventually.
Could be worse. You could do like I did and have one drop that had pretty much the worst possible rolls for the thing and wasn't worth using.
700 paragon levels, only ever found the one on my WD. Over 400 hours.

The answer is: too f$cking rare.
I had that dropped once and it was at level 60 and never again.
You'll sooner win the lottery than get a SMK if you haven't got one already, sometimes I think maybe my loot table is bugged, I never ever seen one on any of my characters...ever.

I've got everything, all the sets, all the mask, all the other daggers....but no SMK.
I've seen 5 total in just under 50k elite kills. The first I ever saw was on my barb. Gave that to my wife. I use the 2nd and 3rd for a solo pet build and support build. The 4th and 5th both came today. One from a public grift that I gave to a monk and the other from Kadala.
My 55k wd never did find a starmetal kukri. I got 3 starmetal to drop in 2 days when creating a new season 1 wd -- go figure. My season 2 demon hunter found one in public game early on; I later created a zdps wd to goof around with. RNG is RNG as they say, but this is abit extreme.
I also have yet to ever see a SMK. Though, I almost always have poor luck in games as well, so I'm not sure what to tell you, lol.
Just how rare?

It looks like the WD in question is Non-Seasonal Softcore. Every time a Ceremonial Knife drops in T1+, it has a 1.52% chance of being Starmetal Kukri. It's the rarest knife by a very wide margin, the next rarest being a tie between Anessazi Edge, Rhen'ho Flayer, and The Dagger of Darts at 7.58% each.The remaining five knives each have a drop rate of 15.15%.

Source: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16HCfzoijS_Xpzdrtg-C03b7oY97lb15XP5yztWNzH6Y/edit?pli=1#gid=1127881656

There are 21 other items in the game that have a similar drop weight. The Star of Azkaranth is even rarer than those 22 - the rarest item in the game.
Probably the rarest weapon in the game. Reason? Ceremonial Knives hardly ever drop at all. When they do, you have a massively weak chance at it being an SMK. At least with a Furnace Two-Handed maces drop at a somewhat regular rate... maybe not all the time, but they sure as hell drop much, much more often than Ceremonial Knives do.

With that being said, I've been lucky enough to find two of them in 360 para levels. One was really weak rolls, so I gave it away to a random, happy dude. Same with Unity. Have found 3 so far... gave one away.
03/21/2015 07:33 AMPosted by Jesaynt
I have over 30k elite kills under my belt on my WD and not once in my career have I seen it drop.

I have nearly 55K Elite kills with my WD's and have not been able to get it to drop.

The ONLY reason I have one, is because of Kadala. Farm shards and start hitting her up.
Found one at level 48.

Game trolls me hard.
Just how rare is the Star Metal Kukri?

It took me over 400 paragon levels to find one, then over the next 50 levels I found two more, one of which was ancient.
You might find one faster, or you might not get a single one by the end of the season. Chance.

I am trying to get myself a Solanium. I found one around paragon 200. It had 3% globe chance, area damage and a % damage. Hopefully a friend finds a better one for me...
I've got 3 myself. A old one, a zdps one and a 3k dmg ancient one. All in 600+ paragons.
I have found 5 this season, was able to give 3 of them away to random people i grouped with. Before this season I hadn't found any at 660 paragon so i think the increased drop rate of them has helped a lot. That said I have only found 1 Incense Torch with more monk playtime. So maybe it's an RNG thing.

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