*Spoiler* Rumored Expansion 2015 and what'd be in it?

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03/20/2015 12:41 PMPosted by Veloric
Just guessing:
(1) Sees the necklace yer wearing
(2) Shoots you with crossbow
(3) Loots you

Yes we're all civilized gentlemen in Kingsport :D

Literally made me laugh out loud, thanks.
This game needs so much more polish and its been out for years I don't see me buying the next expansion unless they fix current issues. I mean the whole fact that we have several weapon categories still filled with USELESS legionaries is just mindbogglingly stupid.
Come on level 80! More hunting for new items, the thrill is back.
Should be much easier to get to 80 than it was to 70, since our average gear/ builds are much stronger now and more paragons too. Then we can start looking for new bis, ok that will take a while.
03/19/2015 04:35 PMPosted by schwegs

Giggity. Could be a map where you climb a tower in hell to free a beautiful demon queen... XDDD
03/19/2015 04:37 PMPosted by Maverick
DH is already an alternate amazon so no on that

I'm sorry man, I have to disagree on this one. Demon Hunter is NOT an Amazon, the only thing they have in common is using bows and crossbows. That's it. There is nothing else about the DH that is relatable to the Amazon.

Or maybe it's just cuz I loved running Javazon in D2 and would supremely love to see the Amazon brought to D3.

Just saying :)

(waits for downvotes)
It's a shame how taint the story of D3 is.
03/20/2015 09:52 AMPosted by Shivera
Elements would probably be Poison, Arcane, Fire, ColdReasons: No other Poison user except WD. Fits Jungle theme. No other Arcane user except Wizards. Fits Valkyrie theme. Fire/Cold fit nature theme.

What about Physical? I could see physical being popular runes for any amazon skills. I really like the poison angle though, didn't think of that.
Well this expansion i wont blindly buy like i did ROS anyways, make sure i read reviews and watch some gameplay before i buy it this time .. I wasted my cash on ROS i wont do it agian.
Tran Athulua here we come !

I, for one, will buy an Xpac blindly.
Even though vanilla D3 was somewhat of a disappointment compared to stuff like modded D2, I still found it to be a good game. I still can't help but think it was somewhat sabotaged on purpose at launch, just so that it could be fixed later. That was very dirty from Blizz hq and won't be forgotten, but with "half late" vanilla and RoS the game has been on the right track and really worth it.

Here is how I see the story going:
-: Nephalems keep rising everywhere on sanctuary, scaring the !@#$ out of angeld and demons alike.
-: Demonic and angelics corruption (or influence if you prefer) still affects the human part of the nephalems, leading to increasing tensions between factions in sanctuary.
-: WAR ! War everywhere on sanctuary ! Chaos ! Mayhem !
-: War frickin' everywhere ! Every plane in existence is the theater of battle between nephalems/angels/demons/rainbowunicornsoffriendship.
-: The Horadrims and a handfull of supporters from heaven/hell take the crippling decision to seal the nephalem powers and sanctuary once again.
-: With the sacrifice of many heroes from sanctuary/hell/heaven, a worldstone is created again. Tyrael is part of the sacrifice. Sanctuary becomes hidden again. Humanity divine's heritage is concealed.
i just realized that I've played this game for...i don't know how many hours...and have no clue what the story is about.

bounty bounty rift rift bounty rift.

I have only killed diablo a handful of times, also =/
03/20/2015 09:47 PMPosted by Kickstinks
Well this expansion i wont blindly buy like i did ROS anyways, make sure i read reviews and watch some gameplay before i buy it this time .. I wasted my cash on ROS i wont do it agian.

i'll probably just preorder the digital deluxe and take some time off work. then complain on the forums about all the people not enjoying the game like I am. then start complaining about the game and how people are insane if they enjoy it.
I don't about this rumor, but one thing is for certain. If or when there is another xpack, they WILL raise the level cap and no, your gear WON'T be re-tooled. While people may get burnt out grinding for gear, people will also quit when they can't upgrade it anymore. Raising the level cap and making people start from scratch is kind of the point. They want you to have reasons to keep playing. I'd love to see them not do it, but it's 100% inevitable.
What I got from the ending of RoS (and what I hope for,) is that our player character Nephalims will be the prototypical "bad guys." Yes, the end speech by Tyrael is somewhat ambiguous (in that attempt to build tension through the "what if" scenario presented,) but I would really like to play a version where we are the destroyers instead of the saviours for once.

Location doesn't matter to me, and I have no idea how they would introduce a new class/character without having to go through the storyline again (unless they offer an end level boost, under the assumption that the new character experienced the story), but I would love to play the bad guy.

Assuming the above ever happened, Necromancers might fit into that niche quite nicely - although I'm sure they could come up with something that hasn't been done as well.
I think the next possible act would be to go into Hell itself on the quest to free Leah's soul. Remember your character swearing to never rest till that happens? I wouldn't know how they could introduce an Amazon into this but a Necro would fit rather well since there was a few showing up already. Leave Cain dead, remember even he said that Leah would take up where he left off so this would tie in to finding Leah even more.
At the end we will find out that Archangels, Great Evils and Nephalems are one and the same characters morphed by their actions and decisions. History is repeating itself since the beginning of time and it's a neverending cycle repeating itself over and over again.

Nephalem is destroying Evils, becoming an Archangel while existing Archangels are becoming Evils because of their selfishness and attitude toward humans. Evils on the other hand, when destroyed by Nephalems are returning to their human form by being purifed from evil and they woke up not remembering anything as... Nephalems of course. Like I said, history is repeating itself and cycle literally cannot be ended.

Barbarian ---> Archangel of Valor ---> Diablo
Crusader ----> Archangel of Justice -----> Azmodan
Wizard ----> Archangel of Wisdom ---> Mephisto
Monk ----> Archangel of Fate ----> Baal
Demon Hunter ---> Archangel of Hope ----> Belial
Witch Doctor ----> Archangel of Sanity ----> Andariel
Druid ----> Archangel of Balance ----> Duriel

Yup, too much Inception-like movies.
New expansion:

Seven evils escape the Black Soulstone and form Silicon & Synapse.
Hero's quest to free the seven evils from the Black Soulstone to combine their powers to travel into the past and prevent D3 from every happening.
I have always been pro-expansion, so let's hope that it happens soon.
I think everyone already expected the next expansion to be announced at Blizzcon and released in May of 2016. There's no evidence to suggest Blizzard would break their release pattern.

I'm hoping for a druid-like class. Amazon with a focus on the javelin skills would make me happy as well.

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