How much should they incentivize seasons?

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Incentivizing seasons is perfectly fine.
If you do it with cosmetic stuff, new achievements, or simply how patches being released near the start of a new season is in itself an incentive to come back and start fresh at the same time.

But don't do it by actively making other modes worse, such as by keeping the newest items exclusive.
That is just a backward way to design your game.

Non-season vs season is not some awkward popularity contest. Just let people play the mode they want to.
And find other ways to encourage people to give both modes a try.
(actually, more could be done to make people give HC a try too. Should simply never be unique stuff that affects the gameplay)
03/24/2015 12:12 AMPosted by Mat
I don't really understand the new item thing. NS gets new legendaries every time season do, they just get the items from the last season. I feel like wizards might have a legitimate gripe with this, but I feel like everyone else who plays NS just needs some patience.

The people that get shafted the hardest are the ones that did play the last season, the reset hits, and the aren't interested in starting over. It's especially true on a short season like this. I don't mind a new start so long as it's not happening fast enough the boring grind to hit 70 isn't still staring me in the face. At the same time though, some of the new seasonal legendaries are looking like they'll make for some fun play.

Stuff like that is the dangerous sort of thing that builds up and seriously kills someone's interest in a game and costs them players. Getting to 70 needs to feel fun instead of like a chore. If they pulled that off, I think there'd be a lot less gripe about having to start over.
I think replayability and competition is incentive enough.. plus the added transmogs, and getting the new gear items early.

They shouldnt need more incentive than that.
The fresh start & exclusive aesthetics should be the only things needed to make Seasons exciting to play. I personally love fresh starts, with no legacy items affecting the leaderboards.

Having season-only items is a really bad idea because you're literally punishing non-season players no matter how you look at it. Having the season-only items roll into the non-season loot table AFTER it ends is still a punishment (a 3-4 month long punishment). After that, MORE season-only items are introduced. Stop defending the idea by saying that other games (even D2) have done it. It doesn't make the decision automatically great.

Their ideas for Seasons is still somewhat flawed, tbh. You shouldn't force people to play a specific feature in your game, you should just want them to play your game. Diablo is fun in both Season and Non-Season for different people.
just an FYI for anyone reading this thread, "incentivize" is not actually a word. "incent" is the verb of incentive.

the more you know.
Give more experience in seasons.

Allows you to quickly get up there in paragon levels so you aren't put off leveling all the way to 400+ paragon again, and then all that bonus experience goes to your non-season paragon at the end of the season.

So even if you don't want to start fresh and new, it gives you incentive even if all you want to do is level your non-season paragon... Two months of double experience in the season vs no double experience in the non-season.

On top of season specific legendary items.


I mean that's something that would get me interested.

I didn't participate in the first season and only participated in the second season because of the monk seasonal legendary and the fact that I never played a monk before, so I figured why not make it seasonal and benefit from that item. But after so long with the monk, I switched to a DH in the season just because DH was so much easier to do higher greater rifts with and it just became the same thing as normal, only under powered because my paragon was lower. I am probably not going to do season three at this point, no clue yet.
The problem is there's a bunch of people who want to claim to be in the top 1% of 50,000 people (when 40000 of them don't care about competing) instead of being the middle of of 10000 players. There's much more bragging rights for much less effort.

Path of least resistance.

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