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We still have spots and looking for fun and funny members to join our ranks! Hit us up!
I'm interested in joining if you guys have a spot opened. Game seems to be really boring but it might be better in a clan.
Hey, I've only recently started playing actively so I don't meet your paragon req yet (at 565), but I have cleared GR55 solo on both WD and Monk. I've only played solo so far other than pub games but am looking for a clan for potential actual group play come season 5. I've added both the co-leaders. Let me know if you're interested.
Sup Renraga & Doug, Let's chat tonight! We are still looking for fun loving gamer to fill our ranks.
I'm sick of looking for public GR games to upgrade my gems (currently at 68) I guess now would be the time to see if joining a clan pays off. Add me bruiselee #6943.

P813 Cleared GR61 solo came close on clearing 62 a few times cleared 67 in a group.
^ What he said, Dehyak#1774

available for chat, thank you and looking forward to hearing back
Sup Bruise & Dehyak, I will send you both friends request tonight. Let's chat and run a few. Let's get those gems up. We are still looking for players to join. Hit us up!
Come and join us this weekend for some last minute pushes before patch!
If u guys are still recruiting i would like to join your clan.
01/08/2016 06:06 AMPosted by BlueLunar
Come and join us this weekend for some last minute pushes before patch!
Are u guys still recruiting?
Interested in joining if there are spots still available. Recently started playing again and need to find a fun/knowledge group. Thanks!
Old vanilla player, just looking for a grp of active players. I'm on nights 7-10ish eastern time.
I am interested in joining your clan as well. I play regularly most evenings (est) and some mornings.
I am mainly looking for a laid back atmosphere of people to group up with. I used to push leaderboards but now my only goal is to have fun with friends. Look forward to hearing from you.
hey there, i have been playing since release off and on and i am interested in joining your clan and enjoying a great people and good rifting! i play monk and demon hunter mostly but also enjoy wizard. looking to game with you guys ^^
Sup Thorgrimn and xDan, I will send friends request. Let's chat!
Fun times over the weekend! Come and join us for patch 2.4!
i can clear GR 56 solo, im paragon 650

a bit short from 700entry

can i join?

im playing Non season.
Sup Hap, let's chat tonight! We still have a few spots open.
Bluelunar u havent added me so im gonna add you right now

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