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Hey, BlueLunar, I sent you a friend request; I'm looking for a clan where people actually speak to each other, lol. I do a lot of solo play, but I like to be sociable; I prefer seasonal play, I enjoy the fresh starts. My main toon is Kryztal, wizard, and have cleared GR 72 so far, paragon 741 atm.
@Kryztalsong welcome to haven!
@xDan sorry we did not chat last night. Major patch!!! Let chat tonight and run a few games!
Haven is still looking for fun loving D3 players, hit us up in game!
Tons of excitement yesterday with patch 2.4, and lots of group games! We saw group games forming for rifts, grifts, bounties, and even call-outs for gob packs.

Warm welcomes to our newest members, and shout-outs to our members coming back from the holidays!

If anyone wants to chat about Haven, hit me up! I'll be on all day today, rifting. :) Please note that our entry requirements have now been updated and adjusted for patch 2.4 and our clan progression. Thanks!

Hit us up! Last night was great loot night for everyone. Come and join for fun and games!
hello i'm hoping to find an awesome clan to start the season with tonight i was in here a while ago prior to last season. But had some real life things take over (being broke getting life together sort of thing lol). I've had kiyo on my list forever and was hoping to get back and mess some demons back up. ikerui#1225 is the tag thanks for the consideration look foward to slaying with some awesome peeps.
Sent kiyo and bluelunar friend requests..
Welcome to our new members over weekend! We had an awesome time for the quests to gain the stash tab in s5. We are still looking for new members to fill our ranks! Come check us out!
Wondering if you guys are still recruiting? I am currently only 755 paragon, but have cleared grift 74 solo and looking for an active clan that likes to do high grifts. I play non-season currently.
@Ragner, will send a friend's request today. Let's chat!
Hey I was wondering if there is a steady amount of people on ts3, I am looking for a clan with people to chat and chill with. I meet the requirement for the guild but am really looking for an active voice com clan. Let me know =] I can jump in and chat with you guys first if you would like. Thanks
hey clan! sorry if I've been missing in action for 2 weeks, i have been working hard so i can upgrade my desktop and to buy a new gpu because my older one, my gtx 660 broke since patch 2.3.. roughly i'll be able to get back to my personal desktop this weekend and comeback for season 5. anyway, see you guys soon!
It was nice chatting with you Karma!

Azure, thanks for the note! We look forward to seeing you in game soon!

We have some spots open in Haven! PM us if you're interested! Cheers :)
Been in Haven for 3 months or so and it is a really good group.

1) Very active players
2) Smart players in each class who are willing to help you out with tips and suggestions
3) This is the only group I have seen who have some top level players but group runs don't seem like crazy pressure events.

To me this is the best of both worlds and would highly recommend it for people who like to play a ton at a very high level - but don't necessarily want to do a super high pressure clan.
^^^ thanks for your kinds words Professor! We are still looking for new members to join our ranks. Drop us a line!
BlueLunar and Kiyo, I sent you friend requests and I'm interested in joining the clan. I'm playing lots of solo rifts and I've cleared a 76 on my wiz solo, I also have very good ET gear for group play. I play casually and lately I've been struggling a lot to find good people to play with. Currently my main is wizard but it used to be DH. Hope we can talk more about it soon =)
^^^@Hallius it was good talking with you last night! Welcome to Haven! We still have a few open spots left. Look us up!
BlueLunar and Kiyo, Just wanted to touch base with this community. As of right now I don't meet the minimum requirements. I'm PG 231 and haven't really done too many GRs yet. lol. To be honest until last week I haven't played since before the ex pac. I was looking around for a community of people rather than mindless drones who don't talk. So it would be good to just have a conversation and see what I can learn from Haven. So I'll send friend requests once I'm not sitting in class. Talk to you all soon hopefully. :D
Hi BlueLunar and Kiyo, I'm looking for a clan that plays in group so I'd be interested in joining. I have sent both of you friend requests so hopefully we can talk a bit. I just cleared GR71 at 655 Paragon, didn't try any higher tho. I only have 1 character so far, since I don't feel like leveling another one solo.
Sup Romley & Beltane, let's chat tonight!
Been in the clan about a month now and I am really enjoying it.
Friendly non-pressure environment. Lots of fun chat. Skilled players. The best part to me is that the the clan leaders group with anyone and hang out with anyone and are supportive whether its NS or seasonal. Great clan.

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