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04/06/2015 09:46 AMPosted by KFC
"What the expert is tired of today the public will be tired of tomorrow."

- Ezra Pound

This a thousand times. There's no time like the present for tackling this issue because it's a no-brainer. Please don't delay it for Season 4, that's months away. If in the meantime you come up with a fantastic trials experience just bring them back. No one is opposed to fun, meaningful gameplay. Trials are not that, they're the opposite of fun and meaningful.

More power to you, KFC. I'm skipping Season 3 as it stands right now. I hate whining like this and appearing childish on the internet but this issue severely affects my gameplay and it's gamebreaking for me.
Think I will skip this season as well. Not because of imbalanced classes/sets/CC or even the fact that our only endgame is GR-push.

It's trials. Simple as that. They are not fun. They don't reward. They're just slowing down your process/gameplay experience.

I know you're working on this. But honestly I'd much rather wait another 2-3 months, instead of logging in, only to realize how tedious GR-keyfarming is.

Please listen Blizz.

OMG Trials. So demanding. So tedious. Not rewarding enough.

All I do from 9 to 5 is play trials. That is all I do. Nothing else.

I have so many greater rift 60 keystones but never used them.

Mainly, because the game is so hard and my goal is not to be number 2 anymore but number 1.

Now I will never accomplish this mission, especially in THREE DAYS. You know why? I deleted all my characters, except one.

It is ok because besides what other people think that play this game. What you do not realize is in less than THREE DAYS, I will raise up a level 70 Crusader (sounds Biblical doesn't it). I will still be over 800 paragon and get most of my gear back. Not all, but most. RNG will rule over this decision.

Irony says that a BLUE will post in here. I am guessing you will wait THREE more days until you delete that level one seasonal crusader?

It is ok to Troll. Just don't become ONE.

All I see is " If you don't bla bla bla, I'll QUIT !! "

Fk'n Cya.
HOW ABOUT THIS, you get rid of the trial system for d3 but it goes directly to kfc instead!? So before you buy your 36 piece meal (cause i know you eat that much) theres gona be a trial of how much kfc skin you can eat son.
Boycott yourself.

I absolutely adore trials.

What a fun gaming experience. I have to do chores in real life before I can play video games. That makes sense. Now I have to do a chore in my game before I can begin the actual content. This makes D3 the most realistic game on the market.

Definitely doesn't make me want to off myself for playing such a chore of a game in the first place. Not at all.
xpost from my friend and clanmate's boycott trials thread. If you haven't checked it out already, be sure to pay it a visit.

it seems that there are three types of players who respond to these threads.

1. Players who have never themselves wasted hours of time grinding trials, and hence are both clueless about the problems surrounding trials and unable to feel the pain of, or are even hostile to players such as the OP or myself who actively play and enjoy Diablo's endgame.

2. Players who have not fully experienced the flaws of the trial system, but who have either had a taste of the flaws, or have enough empathy to mildly support the individuals requesting the removal of trials.

3. Players who have poured countless hours of their time down the trial drain in their pursuit of Diablo's endgame.

It is clear to me by now that nearly all category 3 players feel the same way toward the trial system: namely that trials constitute the most grave issue currently facing Diablo. I sincerely respect their support. As for the category 2 players, I respect them and the empathy they have shown.

Lastly, the category 1 players. If you have not gone through and wasted your time in trials, nor have an ounce of empathy to share with those who have, do not post in these threads. Your opinion holds no weight, and the fate of the trial system bears little to no significance to you.
KFC it's time for you to go away now. You've deleted your toons and say you're not going to play until they fix trials. Check back every now and again on the game's progress and who knows....they may actually make some changes eventually. The way you're hanging around posting in these threads makes you look like somebody's jilted girl/boy friend who can't deal with the reality of the situation.
A valid comment. I just care about the game and my friends who still have to put up with trials, that's all. This post will be my last.
04/06/2015 05:56 PMPosted by KFC
A valid comment. I just care about the game and my friends who still have to put up with trials, that's all. This post will be my last.

All the best my friend. I do hope for your sake as well as for all the rest of us, they make the necessary changes. There is no doubt trials are the eyesore of the game. Let's hope the dev team can find a way to swallow their pride and get on with it. GL!
So the op rage quits and deletes all his toons (but keeps all his gear in stash) because of trials?

Op, bottom line, nobody (including your virtual friends) cares. Get real.
he put a video of him deleting everything up, watch it
Too bad the gods won't hear the pleading cries of the fallen...
I think that creating an option:

-take lvl 1 key
-take the highest obtained lvl key
- go on trial

would be the best.
OR! OR! I have an idea:

Just take the Fk'n things OUT?

Why is the mindset at Blizzard, "Trials MUST stay in because reasons." ?

Take them out, and let us just pick from 1 to X where X is the highest trial we have successfully completed.

Simple. Elegant. Easy. Fun. Fast. and we can spend more time enjoying our nephalem rather than having to do chores with it. Chores. In a game. An ARPG. With a chore. Chores should not be in a game.

Auto-sort inventory, too.

Take away the chores. Games aren't chores. Chores aren't games. Chores aren't fun. Games are fun.

Why is this so difficult to comprehend as a GAME making company dev team?

Take. Away. The. Trials. That. Nobody. Likes.

"But there is one person out there who does like them so we keep them"

Maybe so. But I am sure there is someone out there who wants an untextured grey cube as a character class, so go ahead and add that crap, too.
i've done the same. i've also deleted all my chars and gear a week ago.

not that there was a point to it. i don't remember the last time i've played on non-season, there were only a few days left for season 2, and i didn't plan on playing any more, so i deleted my seasonal characters as well, seeing as how they were gonna be useless to me anyway. if i ever come back, things might as well have stayed the same on my account, because i'll just be playing on seasons anyway.

to be real, i'm quite sure the developers will just flat out ignore all of this protest thing going on with some other players. we can only hope that they'll come up with at least a half-decent solution many months later when they announce 2.3.
Very glad I saw this, to think I was about to come back to Diablo after a year hiatus to try out these new "Seasons". Should have known they were still pulling this grind no reward bs.

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