PS4 Online Multiplayer is full of Cheaters

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Dear Blizzard,

the situation is now unbearable. Nearly every T6 or Grift Game I join is full of cheaters. What Do I mean by that?

- Wearing hacked Items (3 socket amulets, rings, etc)
- Wearing a 3 socketed "Russian Fast Sword"
- Having a paragon lvl of 10000
- Wearing gems of ease with about a billion XP per kill

And because you do not fix the duplication bug (see "Fix Dublication glitches for ps4 <3") those items are spread around a lot.

They open grifts of lvl 100. You can't play online anymore, can't even play or filter for legit player.

There are several solutions for these issues, but none have been implemented yet:
- Paragon Level Filter. Set a maximum paragon level you allow to join your game.
- Cheated Item Filter: If a player wears a 3 socketed ring/sword/etc mark the profile to be not playable online.
- Closed Battle net: Introduce the closed battle net, as it existed in D3, to consoles. So players have a choice, if they won't to play in the open, possibly full of cheaters, network, or in a closed network were profiles are stored online.

Please blizzard, react at this urgent issue. You can't play D3 on PS4 online anymore, without cheaters!

Just for clarification: This is a bug! If it is not, then please comment on this "hidden feature" to cheat your characters and ruin the game for everyone else.
Also have a look at the "Item not working" thread, were a player says he "received" a cheated item that does not work.
I'm 100% with dag this game is a joke online not only 3 sockets rings or weapons etc but dupe is also should be ban on this game.

Over paragon 1200 is not even been done on PC, but playing with people with paragon 10.000 is just so stupid.

As dag said the only way to fix this issue is start over again by connecting directly to server like seasons on PC
YEAH Please Blizzard THIS is urgent matter I can't play without finding a 10000 level
and I just get out of the game 'cause I hate cheaters.
Who said anyone unmodded wants to play with you. There's Modders deal you don't ask mommy and daddy to find you people to play with or do you?

Go make some friends.
"Hackers" issue is trivial to solve, but it seems nobody cares about this. I have stopped playing D3 on PS4 because of this problem. This weekend I was checked if something was corrected (because of 1.2GB patch). And what can i say .... online playing still sucks. Blizz just fix this. This issue should be for you P1 & S1.

1. "why it is trvial to solve?"
- just ban all account with "russian fast sword" or instead of banning accounts, just put those accounts into "fraud realm", and let them play together. ('hackers' will have own "fun realm" and legal players will have "legal realms").

- just implement voting for kicking.
- just use one of the solutions from first post.
Just bumping topic, just to remember Blizz that the issue is still valid.
this issue is holding me back to get the ps+
Yeah, I think im done with this game on ps4. 1 hacker ruined the entirety of the game for me. It's not fun to play with hackers. I dont want hacked items, and i don't want them to exist. They're illegal and defeat the purpose of the entire game.

You're supposed to grind and earn all your gear. I wish all hackers had their consoles explode for destroying a great game with their hacks.
Blizzard need to fix this, i am new to diablo and accidently hitted paragon 10.000, i feel totally scammed about buying this game.
All the above, and the same goes for Xbox.. I think d3 is a great game, and I have too many hours on it, but when I can't find a legit party when g/rifting, it's total rubbish. I bought the vanilla version, the expansion and finally the uee for xbone. Buying a game three times over for THIS?
i would like a vote to kick feature. it might help discourage people from doing this if they get kicked a few times.
Seriosly. This is what's keeping from investing in the online features for my PS4, only reason I picked up a PS4 is for DIII and the prevalence of cheating ridiculous.
its the same way on xbox one, and the thing is blizzard can patch this. it does ruin the playability on consoles. the bad part is the modded players are all newbs and think that their the best players and modded is the only way.... turns the game from strategy to mash a button and win... i agree tho. i hate the way they do the console versions. a non modded player will have no fun doing quickmatch. thanks for ruining it all modded players
Is there a way to remove paragon level ?

I just earned 1500 paragon level because a hacker did a quest or destroyed creature in the same game I was....

I feel scammed by cheater, If I can reduce my paragon level, Its like if someone stole me game's time to upgrade my char.
Begun playing D3 again on my ps4. Cool with all the new stuff, powers and such. Minutes ago I chose to be open to public. Big mistake. First 2 players joined with "normal" paragonlevels and we grinded hard on Torment 5. But then this Itachi-something bastard joined and my paragonlevel went from legit 224 to hacked 524. He had a microphone and said yooo everybody. I told him to log off and that I didnt want those free p.levels. He said he wasn't a cheater and that he wanted to be my friend. I said log off Please and searched in panic after a kick option. "You want to level up fast?" He asked me. This guy had 10000 paragon levels...and before I logged off he raised me 3 more steps (300 paragon levels) I am now 826 in paragon cheaters world....He robbed me of good grinding time. And its not like I make a new account/ save file...because I have so many rare Ancient Set gear and rare amulets and cool powers. You need to fix this Blizzard
This happened to me also however one XB one, Happily playing at P40 then someone joined now I am P1057. Not too sure what to do about this. Was meant to be leveling with friends now im so far ahead of them theres just no point now.
Apparently blizzard doesn't give two !@#$s about making the game legit. People have complained for months and no results. I might as well return my game for a refund i did just buy the game a few days ago at game stop
Just delete your save, that's what I did. Look on forums for legit players. But blizzard I suggest that that the save system is changed to deter dupers. If the game saves before a player logs out it will instantly stop duping. As for hacked items, well I don't know enough about programming but what about a patch that simply detects and deletes "illegal" items? I guess someone could still hack a 100% ancient piece but at least it would stop 1b xp gems and weapons that do like 10k dps
Yesterday after 3 hours of solo gaming, I decided to open my game to public, big error from my side as a cheater join my game and in 5 minutes brought me up to 1400 paragon lvl.

Thanks God I saved my game online before opening to public.

Just one suggestion to all, save data online as much as you can so you will always be able to get your save back in case idiots are messing your account up.

Blizzard and Sony: you can't allow this to happen to your console customer, please do the needful.

And I will like to see a reply from Blizzard Team to this Thread.

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