Are there any great Holy builds (2.2)?

Just found a godly SoJ:

20% Holy
30% Elites

Other than using it on a crusader, are there any cool holy monk builds on PTR?
That's a nice SoJ.

If that socket is natural I'd consider rolling the Dex to 6% CC or 50% CHD.

Despite holy not being one of the optimal elements it can still be fun. With a holy Hexwuko set-up running TR & EP you should be able to push early to mid 40's with the right gear. Possibly further come 2.2.

I suspect a holy 1K6 setup running Fists of Fury, Way of the Falling Star and a Mirinae would do well too.
wow your Sunkeeper! The best I've ever seen......
What about Rainment + Dashing Strike/Way of the Fallen Star [holy] and WotHF>FoF? I wonder if Mirinae would be a good gem for Rainment... ?

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