Taeguk 2.2?

Just wondering what people's thoughts are if Taeguk will be as commonly used after 2.2 since we lose Inna's 3 set bonus? I will still use it in my TR build but without SW being free and having to keep track of stacks to not lose Taeguk I could see it being played less. What would replace it?
both Taeguk and SW were !@#$ty designs and made playing monk more of a chore than playing a game.

I for one am glad the SW spam meta is gone.
Yeah, I'm fairly certain Blizz didn't intend for numlock to be a spammed key.
it won't hurt TR build tho, I don't see any reason to use SW for Taeguk since you are TRing most of the time.
Still SW's losing its charming.

Now obviously Mystic ally is better than SW.
Saw on PTR, guys are holding Taeguk up with Mantra, so that shouldn´t be a problem.

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