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Hi ladies and dudes,

I'm a long time wiz player and wanting to try something different for this season. I've heard that demon hunters are very strong right now, but I'm not particularly worried about class strength. I want to play a class that can solo T6 after about 50-100 hours of play, and is really fun to play.

What are your recommendations?
04/08/2015 06:03 PMPosted by Hyperfresh

wizard is really strong this patch . . highest solo is at Grift 55 right now
Play something new, that ya haven't played before... i think i'm going to play DH, never played one, and some people say they are nice.
If you can't decide, roll a D6. Let RNGesusaurus Rex decide for you.
play Demon Hunter

it's Blizzard's favorite class, you can't go wrong!

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