Major lag in group with carnevil players

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When I run carnivil build in a group, other players get major lag. Latency is around 2000 ms for them, but I don't have any lag at all. It has been reported before, but Blizzard didn't fix it in 2.2. Hopefully it will be fixed soon, otherwise no one will play with what is going to be a strong wd damage build in group.
I can confirm that. Dense packs in 50+ GRifts can make the whole party lag.

When noticing that it starts (shooting is not as smooth as usual), immediately stopping can relieve the problem before it gets out of hand.

WD is going to be a strong DPS for group grifts, would be a shame if we were to be skipped because of lag.
bump... just came back from a GR59. Almost every pack caused lag... I didn't do any damage for half the time we spent in the rift.

The latency issues really need to be adressed.

edit: 61 was unplayable. I've been dead for over a minute and my ping still wouldn't go under 3 seconds...

Video here:
bump... video added
Confirming this occurs. With enough IAS boosts and enough enemies, lag is entirely probable, even with just one carn, much less two or more.

This was confirmed in GR40~50 groups.
the severity of the lag is also dependent on the systems of the host, and possibly other players.

i've been in gr games with 3 carn docs with little to no lag, and other games with only 2 carn, and have had extreme lag on every elite pack.

i think the game tries to sync the game to the player with the slowest system, so it chokes up everyone else.
Please fix this Blizzard!!!
Seeing problems even I 2-player games, but solo seems fine.
Can confirm this is a persistent problem, though as wadss notes it's somewhat variable. Friendship is the best. Lag is the worst. It makes me sad when people don't want to play with me because I lag their game :'(
I don't run groups with Carn because of lag .... but even trying to solo keys is horrible after wave 52-54. Mobs lag out and I end up with a consolation prize of like 45. :(
Another example of lag, GR68 with just one carnevil:
Can confirm in 4-man GR 59/60. Makes the game unplayable, which is a shame, because this WD build is AWESOME and helps break the DH supremacy since the beginning.
I have the exact same Issue also in high 2 and 3 Player games (57+)
I dont know if this issue was ever solved, but it seems however it has now shown its ugly face again, now targeting the helltooth build. It creates huge lag for yourself and your party in grifts 50+, and makes it almost impossible to properly climb the ladder for most WD's. I am trying to assemble people who recognize the problem to help blizzard notice fast as possible, so we are not stock in the game, so you guys can help if you post and bump up this thread:

I think the dagger build's problem is the same, so we should report it all together and make blizzard do something about it before it ruins the game for all WD's players.


- Murgo

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