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Is it just me, or is the new rift guardian seriously overpowered?
I got to the end of the rift with half the bar left and I still wasn't able to kill him in time.
His rat swarms do such a large amount of damage that if two rat clouds are together and touch you, it's practically insta death. It doesn't help that he constantly keeps you confined to a small area.
The boss likes to teleport around, and will sometimes teleport outside of the bubble that he confines you in. It's absolutely ridiculous.
I would suggest either removing the confines or making it so his poison rat clouds do less damage, or aren't out as often.
mmmmmm EP
What level GR did you play in OP?
I got the rat King on a 34 on my doc, surprised me but managed to kill him, pretty cool boss! Of course 34 is not too hard, and Carnevil is good on single target.
I feel bad for melee people.
Did they add this finally?
04/07/2015 06:23 PMPosted by Gnome
I feel bad for melee people.

I actually gave feedback about Hamelin during the PTR about how quickly his poisoned rat pack moves and how it was pretty much unavoidable for melee.

That feedback was ignored. =(

Hamelin is just as terrible as Raiziel for melee. We're going to be forced to use an immunity amulet.
It's part of the RNG.....BTW it's bad for ranged as well if they cross into the containment zone.....DH can't vault out....and can't vault out of rat packs as well. When Hamelin teleports he can lay down containment almost immediately.....its actually quite fun. Would hate to meet in a normal rift though where other monsters are still lurking.

Never the less.....don't ask for it to be nerfed...its quite challenging.
Well, i find this boss really easy, even esier than stone singer.
Exploding Palm with the Gungdo Gear and the Sunwuko's 4 set buff, will inahilate him into oblivion, as he spawns Rats, which will get the cold damage Exploding Palm, which die to the ones that are exploding, which mark the ones he is spawning with a new Palm and damaging him in the process.
the moment i mark one of his rats and kill it, while he is spawning them, he is basicly dead, but there is a little problem with that...
When ever i do this, the Guardian doesnt actually die. he has no healthbar, drops his loot, Rift is clear, but he basicly becomes an invincible zombie that is fully capable of still killing you.
Also when ever you attack him in this state his death animation will play again.
I got this boss in the Keep today. As a DH doing GR 40, it wasn't too bad.
Rat boss is not so bad. A new boss I encountered last night in GR 40 is this creature that spews out these flames like Diablo. Then it spawns two more copies of itself doing the same. I had around 7 minutes left and couldn't clear that rift because I had to spend the time running around dodging the creature when it spawns. Plus being caught with the spreading flames your life drains very quickly.
My only issue with this boss is that on some maps the rat swarm is kind of hard to see. Both times I fought him were in dark maps. With the screen filled with particles(which never happens....) it was pretty hard to see them. It actually killed me the first time because I had no idea what was going on. I would not mind it if they brightened up the rat texture a little bit.
I love him as Raekor barb
Mmmmmmmm... soul harvest resets
I had him on a GR 50 on my wizard today, while it wasn't the easiest fight, it wasn't super difficult.

Orlash on the other hand, omg they really need to fix this boss. 3 clones spamming unavoidable flame cones constantly. It is literally the most stupid boss of all time now. At gr 50 and above its just a constant death cycle, might as well just quit.
04/10/2015 05:57 AMPosted by Lucasbenz
Orlash on the other hand, omg they really need to fix this boss. 3 clones spamming unavoidable flame cones constantly. It is literally the most stupid boss of all time now. At gr 50 and above its just a constant death cycle, might as well just quit.

Yup! That is the boss. BRUTAL.
i killed all mobs&elites with no discrimination in GR47. 7 or 8 minutes left to time up.. so i thought i can try for GR50 or whatever.. then this rat boss came off. put a dome first, released 2 rat swarms in 60 yards corridor.. that NARROW corridor was not enough obviously (!), then that rat teleported time after time right after me.. no chance to avoid rat swarm, no chance to deal enough damage to survive, no chance to have fun NOT ONE BIT !! anyways, i managed to kill that rat so called boss after dying 30 times..
i mean, WHAT IS THIS THING ?!?! did you guys ever tested that OP boss of yours??
i think you should nerf that boss a lil'bit..
Mara's=no more problems with the rat king.
nah, saraxis is the over powered one. i mean...seriously.

ghom isn't super fun for a shield bash crusader either, specifically, but at least you can chuck on a mara's and be invincible.
07/28/2015 07:16 AMPosted by CamperX
Mara's=no more problems with the rat king.

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