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10/19/2015 09:56 AMPosted by dXter
After a weekend break, completed GR66 first try and dinged p600 too.

Heyyy! Nice!

Im also not quite 70. only got a little time in yesterday, but first attempt at GR66 i passed with about 6 minutes to spare. This is with very much NON optimized gear, just quickly thrown together based on the old mangle generator build (inna's version).

But im sure if i min/max enough this weekend, 70 should be a synch. Considering I hit that 66 without a Stricken, didn't play seasons, so i have yet to even level one! that should be about 5 ish more levels yey?

Anyway, Great thread for helping people get an idea for builds achieving GR progression!
Just trying out gen build for monk this patch. Completed GR70 with 5 minutes to spare P800+. Need to farm to get complete Caldessan Despair affixes on all items.
GR70 Down.. Don't know exactly the time on it, but aprx 5min to spare. No candelsann's on any items and no stricken gem.
I'm guessing I can go 72 on a good run with my current setup. I hope so. Gotta get Bane of the Trapped & Simplicity's strength to 75 ;)
Well, since the new patch, last night I have now completed GR74 and am ranked 68 (at least last night I was) in the leaderboard. THE MONK IS NOT DEAD IN 2.4! I haven't even had a spectacular rift yet, and this is only day 2, who knows how far I can go.

*Damn, dropped down to rank 80 overnight. This shows that monks are kickin @SS!
Done GR 70 with just under 4 mins to spare, had to switch from zodiac to cubed unity though. LoN flurry/sss/ep build, seems quite fun so far.
GR75 down before Season5 for me (paragon 1040)
with Quin-Inna's Generator Monk

Never though Cyclone Strike is super good in GR
It both Pull enemy and Interupt some Monster attack

p.s. Sorry for my English / SEASON5 HYPE!
Got to 70 last night before season starts (<700 paragon) using I6/R2 Shen and FoF.

Tried 71 and have either had no luck with mob types, or something I'm doing is wrong. Anyway, happy to be in the club.
72 down for me really enjoying my army build btw no augments thinking 73-74 will be my limit
First attempt 70 last night, I6/R2 Shens with CW:Mangle (the main monk in profile), took 13min and change on a terrible map with nothing but A4/A5 mobs.
Very pleased to report that I managed my first GR 70 clear last night, Inna/R2 Gen. Hope I will be able to improve on this personal milestone!
after 6 days of farming since Season 5 start
my Seasonal Monk finally reach GR73 paragon 670

with EP+Cyclone InnaMonk (I copy skill/gear by Korea Rank1 Season)
Typical Pet Build + Compass Ring Amulet + Unity + COE
Must mention that I'm lucky to get Ancient Inna Reach(Weapon)
It super odd build in my eye to don't use Spirit Generator
but well, It work very well in GR 65-75 ^ ^)

Just Cyclone group enemy , EP Weakest monster
till COE get Cold Element
and click Active Mystic Ally then BOMB .
GR60 was my max so far Para : 660
Build :
GR 73 down. Haven't tried another GR in a while I can probably do GR 74 right now
Upon seeing people saying that monk is not as bad as some portray, I made an effort to play for the first time this season, on my non-season toons first of course. Hit GR75 just like that.

After checking other classes' rankings, however, I find that GR75 is not much for today's standard. I think this is for a big part driven by the changes did to GR itself and not so much from power creep, thus creating an illusion of power level.

Regardless, a big congratz to all fellow monks that hit GR70+.
Not quite to 70 yet, just downed 67 last night at about 550 paragon and no Caldesan on gear yet. That being said, I am aiming to go higher but will probably build up Caldesan on a few of my pieces.
Made it to #122 on season 5 leader boards ..Hope to get lower
Ranked a 72 rift.. my friends said only because nobody plays monk
signing in.

and yeah Monk population dropped a lot this season because FOTM players switched now that Monk isn't literally THE season
I am finally in with an Inna6 Ulli2 (no caldesans) build.

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