2.2 ruined the game for me

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As a casual gamer who enjoys unwinding after work with some mindless rifts and as someone who doesn't enjoy starting over every couple months for seasons or the drama and class discrimination caused by greater rifts, I think 2.2 killed the game for me.

I admit, I had a ton of fun for two days collecting the 2 new sets for my wizard. I actually love the DMO set - I only wish I had this set a year ago. The power creep everyone now has makes regular rifting a joke. And heaven help me if there is a barb in the group who speeds away in a while of tornados, leaving only dead mobs behind in a matter of seconds. Lately there has been a barb doing this in almost every game, and my slow wizard who now does 1.2 bil crits is relegated to feeling like a leech as I can't keep up with the more mobile classes.

I want to feel powerful and awesome but not a leech. I know T6 is old news but is it really necessary that people are doing multi-billion crits and 1 shooting all the more relaxing content? The challenge and excitement is just gone for me now. The casual relaxation that offered moderate challenge is now gone entirely in favor of it being a complete joke.
Hey man, I hear you, I have a plausible solution tho:

Try some non-traditional builds -- solo. I imagine by now you have a pretty good idea of what needs to go into any character to make them survivable on T6. Take that knowledge and apply it to make something that's not necessarily for upper Grifts -- but gets you back to where you were power-wise/monster toughness. I have multiple characters in each class -- 1 or 2 that are for getting high Grift levels and others for just muddling through T6. They don't have the same power -- but they are really fun and enjoyable none the less. Sometimes finesse is far more fun than raw power -- and there's something about mastering the theory behind the synergy of builds to accurately place a character at the appropriate level that I find rewarding. I guess I find it more like mastering the whole game, not just the upper echelon.

Just a suggestion yo, happy hunting.
You choose to join public games and complain that people are too powerful?

Also if your wiz hits 1.2 mil crits, you don't belong in t6.
I just want to pop in and say that the solution to this problem is not to implement higher torments, but to nerf the items back to torment 6 difficulty again.

I know someone is going to suggest what I mentioned so I just wanted to "in-before" a little quick.
Sorry I meant 1.2 billion crits not million.

Thanks for the suggestions - looks like it will be a solo game with non traditional builds for a while.

It is a shame as I enjoy casual group dynamic the most - bit with insane power all around that no longer offers any challenge.
I wonder if this game is ever going to get to the point WoW was at, where they had to scale back on stats and items due to server lag.

If there's no limit to paragon levels and the power creep is real, do you think eventually players are going to be hitting so hard/high (all the HUGE numbers flying across the screen), they'll have to do something about it?

I'd imagine not, due to how this game is made/runs compared to an actual MMO, but I could be wrong. It's an interesting thought either way.
The challenge and excitement is just gone for me now

You have no one but yourself to blame for trying to looking for The challenge and excitement in T6, they are in GRs now.

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