Random Crashes

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Anyone else getting them suddenly? Just started for me tonight.
Twice now game just freezes up.
Yup, game has crashed 3 times all within about 10 minutes or so
same. first time the game has crashed in months and i crash twice in 15 minutes while in a normal rift.
Never crashed before today, twice now in last 10 minutes while in GRs

Edit - 3x now, guess I will give up for the night
same here. Mine is in normal rifts.
Happened to me twice in the last 30 mins, almost lost my HC Sader.
I wont be playing hardcore seasons if this keeps up. Please fix your game blizz.
Just crashed in GR. First time ever for me.
3 times in the last hour...random crashes. This has never happen to me before.
This build bites the big one.

Roll back or patch it before Friday. PLEASE
It just crashed again ..this is unplayable.
Yes game has crashed 3 times in the last hour. First time game has ever crashed on me. Time for a patch for the patch.
mine keeps crashing past 30 mins
just crashed myself. Game thought I was still logged in too. Had to reboot my computer.
I'm crashing too. Have to kill process from task manager to get back in. Gave me a code one time to give blizz

Then it offers to reopen it, at which point I have to kill in task manager and restart through bnet anyway
Yup, same here.

2 crashes in the last 20 min.

Not just game kicks, but hard crashes!

Normal rifts
Yep crashed too. Was getting lag spikes beforehand for no reason on my end i can tell then big lag spike, then boom crash. Also in a normal Rift.
So glad i'm not playing HC holy crap this sucks....

For the love of GOD Blizzard so many HC's are going to die...STOP THIS MADNESS!
:( twice in less than 5 minutes
Yes, sadly I was playing HC. lost a wizard.....The game doesn't randomly freeze. It just force closes to desktop
Had 2 crashes. 1 was on the brink of a successful GRift 38 with Nat's test on my DH.

Seems to have happened more-so today as yesterday was fine.
I have had two crashes in the last 30 minutes also.

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