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Add me to the crash to desktop crowd. I think D3 has crashed maybe once back in Vanilla so I was a bit shocked by this.
Posted in some of the other threads, but I'll toss my name in this one as well. Crashed twice tonight, both in rifts. Screen just freezes and I have to manually kill the d3.exe from the task manager.
And the crash-fest continues:

I don't think it's a DDoS. I checked a couple other of my links and cyber activity is pretty low.
Me thinks the patch and pending season start along with file formats are the culprit. I'm done for the night. This is a major bug and Blizz needs a solution. So the waiting game begins....
Been posting in the other crash thread ,but yes, I've had 3 crashes tonight, but none like this last night or anytime before for at least the last year. Something recent changed on Blizzard's end that caused this?
Yup Crashing like a Mofo this is crap. Blizzard can you make anything work without taking 3 steps backwards.
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CRASHING !!!!! Have to reboot CPU

same for me. have to reboot each time just to get d3 to work again
Mine crashed 5 or 6 times in about 40 minutes. 978B405C-0E26-4412-8210-329F741AF42E

I tried the defaults option in the video tab (ESC - options - Video) and so far so good. 20 minutes of no crashes. Fingers crossed

4 crashes mid T6 rifts! thank god I'm not doing GR40s or something, I'd be more pissed... I guess I should stop trying until late tonite! This is my night to play while the girlfriend is out!!! FIX this ASAP please!!!
Same here--first time game has ever crashed on me--two crashes in last hour
I will add my name to this list. : (
The game has been working fine for me all week with the new patch, they clearly hotfixed something tonight which broke the game. Hopefully we'll get a dev response soon-ish.
From looking at the forum this is a Blizz problem so I'm thinking we should get at least 24hrs of silence then maybe acknowledging the issue then 48-72 hrs later they might fix it.
Same here. Game has crashed twice now within a 10 minute time frame resulting in this error code:
New file system = game crashes. They should be able to fix it quickly now.
Same here
froze up looking at recipes to craft at forge and froze up while I paused game to go afk for a minute while in a rift. Came back and game was froze
+1, 2nd time in 20 minutes the game crashed
Crashing here as well. Has happened 4 times tonight. Never use to happen until 2.2
I won't even try that. Not even on a bet. 1 program asking for driver resets or upgrades is trouble for the slew of other programs that would be using the same graphics card. I also run Cubase, so given a choice, D3 would get uninstalled, and back to perfect world then.

Add: when PW goes bonkers like this, they usually end up passing out freebies for compensation. I don't see that happening here.

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