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After waiting for the download to complete, I started the game and joined a rift group. Not five min in the game first locked up and then crashed. First time it's ever happed to me. Just happened again less than a minute in. All I was doing was looking at my stash and it froze. After waiting I started the task manager. The game disappeared, but the battle launcher said the game was running. I've never had any problems with D3 up until the last update. What's going on Blizz?
yep same to me, game keep crashing (3 times in 20 minutes) and unplayable, just happened this morning.
Glad I'm not alone and it isn't program corruption ... so far crashed several times doing normal Rifts and once in an Act 1 bounty while picking up a Gelatinous Sire goblin multi-5-spawn drop of goodies.

Once it crashes, the report dialog box comes up with a Re-Open and Close option. The Battle.net Launcher's Playing Now button is still grayed out and the Diablo III.exe game process is still running and has to be manually killed in Task Manager. Hopefully it get sorted out soon. Never crashed once till today.
04/09/2015 08:10 PMPosted by BlueSkittles
Hopefully we'll get a dev response soon-ish.

04/09/2015 08:10 PMPosted by Sÿlak
They should be able to fix it quickly now.

Don't hold your breath.
lols +1, man i don't even know why i keep playing this :D :D:D.
Crimean hackers?

I bet it's Crimean hackers.
2x crashes in Greater Rifts. Have to re-boot my machine to get game to run again, due to it saying it's running when it's not.
5x crashes idling in menus, hope this gets fixed before s3 tomorrow
EDIT: for the guy above you can just close the stalled Diablo3.exe process in the task manager (ctrl+shift+esc or ctrl alt delete + taskmanager)
Same here...

Crashed 2 times now, 10 minutes apart.

Crashed two times. First time I logged in and was in town. Clicked on Haedrig's box and game froze/crashed.

Second time, I logged in right after the first crash and went afk. So all I was doing was standing in town. When I got back, it had frozen up and crashed again.

Both times, the memory usage of D3.exe on my comp was in the 1.1 GB range when I had ended the process.
04/09/2015 08:15 PMPosted by TunaCan
2x crashes in Greater Rifts. Have to re-boot my machine to get game to run again, due to it saying it's running when it's not.

You don't need to do this. If you're using Windows, just open the Task Manager, go to the processes tab and find Diablo3.exe. End that process. The launcher will work out that the game is off and you can start it up again.
I am crashing once every few minutes right now.
SO many crashes. What is going on?
2 crashes both in the last 20 minutes during normal rifts in group play. Get a message asking to enter what I was doing when the crash occurs....I enter "killing RG" then click the re-open game button and nothing happens. Frustrating.......

Thanks for nothing. Lvl 40 key down the toilet for me.
Yep me too, 3 times within 1/2 hour each, twice in bounties and once when I was just putting the last hits on the RG in a reg rift. I switched maps and T levels, Mine just went to the desktop no lock up or anything and the game file was still running, but I had to kill the process to get back in. I just ran scan and repair so if it helped I will post back... I hope they fix it before tomorrow. I have never had D3 crash before.

Update : scan and repair don't do jack. it's even crashing faster now never made 10 minutes in and was just scrounging thru my inventory, Not even moving about...

I loaded the patch early yesterday and played for hours into the night without a problem something had to change today.
Sigh, HC + Crash = heart attack.
Please fix asap.
Just adding my name to the list, almost lost my HC pets doc, crashed upon entering a GR Trial.
Surprised there hasn't been some ack from Blizzard. Will check back in a day or so...

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