Orlash crusher of dreams terror incarnate

What was a peaceful 42 grift on a sunny day became one of the most terrifying and apocalyptic experiences of my life. Server lag coupled with abilities and damage that would make diablo jealous orlash puts the terror in terror demon.
Yeah the new orlash is out of control, running gr 53 solo now and I immediately quit the rift when I see him.... ridiculous
just failed a 47 by 27 seconds died 6 times vs Zoltan for the fail DOh so annoyed almost a pers record.

I feel your pain
I...I see him when I sleep.
The new Orlash is actually one of the easiest RGs once you figure it out. His beam attack thing doesn't ignore the z-axis, so if you can kite him to an incline/stairs do that. Fight him at the top, and when he's about to do his attack, run to the bottom. The attack will go over you. Wait for him to come to you and then fight him there. When he's about to do the attack again, run to the top of the incline/stairs and it won't hit you at all. His waller thing breaks automatically a split second before he does a beam attack, so it's easy to get away from that.

If you can't find an incline/stairs on the map you're on, just find a corner and do something similar. Fight him around the corner and when he's about to do the attack, run around the corner. Rinse, lather, repeat.

The only real issue with him is when he summons his 2 clones and you're in a tight/enclosed area and they body block you, so try not to fight him in a place like that.
Thanks for the tips malakai I didn't know his beam didn't ignore the z-axis. sadly I was in one of those cave maps in tight tunnels :( I probably would have beat him and passed the rift but I was also dealing with some crrazy lag.

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