Blood Shard Exploit...Blizz gonna fix?

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Blizzard NEEDS to ban these cheaters bottom line (or atleast restart their characters). No questions asked. It's completely unfair to every single other person like myself who work to get where they are on the leader boards. Exploiting is the same as cheating.
It really isn't unless it says so specifically in the Blizzard ToS and also said exploit is confirmed by Blizzard to be an exploit. I don't think either of those qualifiers are true.
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I have farmed 60,000 shards give or take in s3 LEGIT, of course I have played pretty much non-stop since it started. So be careful not to just look at the BS counts and also at Para level and elite kills to be sure the person hasn't actually earned them before assuming somebody cheated.

I just found out about this like an hour ago and anyone who used it needs a an S3 ban and leaderboard wipe. That said, I looked at most of the Wiz top 10 and I'm not seeing a major imbalance between para level and shards.

And here outlines the real problem of why they are going to have a difficult time banning people. I would almost guarantee they have no way of seeing EXACTLY whats going on in every game, so in order to find the cheaters theyre going to have to analyze data such as this. Some people it would be painfully obvious used the exploit to gain a ton of blood shards. But others who were smart about it will be able to skirt detection and get away with 20-30 thousand blood shards by claiming they got them legit. While comparing PLV and Elite kills to blood shards is one way - what about people that still rift share blood shards between friends?.. What about people who were excessively lucky with blood shard gobs?

It's hard to say what the range for "banning" would be.. but i'd say people over 100k blood shards probably should be a bit scared.

Yes, 100k is probably either an account share or exploiter, esp if they have only like 200 para.

Right now I'm blowing up a t38 rift for about 200+ shards in 4-5 minutes, so that's 2000 or more an hour easy. That's not even two days straight through to hit 60,000. Of course I have to get the gear to do that for the first 2 days and enough trial tokens to run it for a length of time.

Counting the drops off the guard, I'm thinking this exploit isn't as insanely powerful as it appears at the top of the leaderboards. Where it truly messed up the rankings in in the middle of the pack where most players can't do a 38 or so grift quickly yet.
Sorry guys but no one cares, MannerCookie don't care, Blizzard don't care.

We can't do anything. =/
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So since GR difficulty is independent of adventure mode difficulty, why couldn't you farm gobs on NORMAL, opening same G45? Is that right or no?
True, but you'd have to get a KEY for G45...

It's not like you're qualifying for G45 overnight.

It works for ALL levels, you know.
fix this broken game please, blizzard. fire the whole dev team.
Banning players won't prevent them from cheating in future seasons. I would recommend doing something like..making a portrait for those cheaters with 'cheater ' written everyone will know...but I know that's not going to happen...bug needs to be fixed right now.altho I think season 3 is pretty much over...
It's not even about how this situation is dealt with, it's how slow blizzard us to reacts to this, blood theives should've been disabled not longer than an hour after it went public.
People weren't suspicious of how these people in one day had full sets in anc/leg in GR50? Of course something was up. People don't have THAT good of luck in this non-skill, luck based game. LOL.

No one will get banned. The season is ruined.
Well they could Ban the streamers at least.
I'd like to thank everyone who brought this to our attention. We appreciate your diligence in reporting this issue, and we've provided further information here.

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