Extremely high ingame latency, not ISP related

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Since last patch I've been experiencing from time to time extremely high ingame latency. The chat works fine (I've even read my death notice in the chat while I was still lagged), I can see what everyone else is doing but I lag extremely hard. Even for 30 seconds or more!

This is not my ISP fault, as is happening to a bunch of friends of mine as well. I checked my packet loss to different servers (yahoo, google, etc) while playing D3 and it's 0%.

Leaving the game and creating a new one solves the issue, but the main problem resides in that as a HC player, I cannot afford to do this every time the game lags (I've lost two chars to this already).

It's an extremely frustrating experience, moreover when it's not on my end.

Please let me know how can I possibly solve this issue, as this is something new that patch 2.2 brought to my game experience.

Most of the day I can play with no lag at all, 29 ms. Once in a while at night, my ping spikes to the 1000s then to like 200, then to 30. All my blizzard games lag while nothing else is like youtube, LoL, csgo.

I live in Irvine too which is retarded since blizz is located 5min away from my house.
Yeah I'm starting to get very bad lag too. I just finished this rift same thing happend last time and I got DC from the party I was in, not the client. I'm over here in Westminster... so I wonder if its a SoCal thing..
I've had bad lag spikes the last 4 or 5 days. I really hadn't had much problem in a long time, not sure what changed. I know nothing has changed on my end.

The lag issues are not all the time, I played a chunk of a couple hours yesterday and everything was fine, but earlier in the day I had lag spikes. And I got through a whole grift tonight just fine, but then the second grift was getting really bad lag spikes, killing me over and over, and eventually I got DC'd completely.

I'm not in SoCal though I am in the Western half of the US. And everything else is fine besides my laggy connection to Blizzard's servers.
It's is really disappointing to see the lack of interest of Blizzard about the problem.
They just have too many customers, too much money, at the point they don't even care when we can't properly use the product we bought.
I will never spend a single more dollar here, that's for sure.
1800 ping and just got dced of my game and cannot connect. Same happened on HotS, freeze and lag... ONLY GAMES I HAVE THIS ISSUE WITH.

Dunno what the hell is going on but surely takes away all my willing to keep playing these games.
Also experiencing high latency spikes.
Tested on 2 hosts, While no evidence of this issue in other applications.
Today I experienced delays that lasted over five minutes!!!. This is not an ISP issue, and happens mostly inside rifts.

If this was a connection issue, the game should drop me, I shouldn't be able to read the chat, see my friend's achievements and whatnot. This is a server side issue, and a really bad one.

I just cannot play like this, can't risk my characters to this lag.

Any advice?

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