Fresh Meat N' Greet - Pensfan080#1647

The world of Sanctuary is a BIG place, defended by hundreds of thousands of heroes each and every day. To help you get to know some of these fellow nephalem a little better, we've created the Fresh Meat N' Greet.

The Fresh Meet N' Greet is a recurring series of interviews featuring you, our community. A few times each month, we'll sit down and chat with six different community members, one for each class, and then post our Q&As right here in these forums.

Up this week for Wizards: Pensfan080#1647

Read on below to find out more about your fellow ally in battle!

General Info
I'm Just Warming Up
Who's Up Next?

Grimiku: Tell us a bit about yourself.

Pensfan080#1647: Hello.
My name is Penguin.
Pugs Rule.
Forever a "Filthy Casual".

Grimiku: Got any cool hobbies or talents?

Pensfan080#1647: I like guns. Melkor can confirm. Grew up in the country so that was the norm. I play guitar...usually only when intoxicated. Motorcycles and track racing. It's been almost a year since i've rode so i'm prolly bad now.
Arena football (gave that up too many injuries). Flag football. Deck Hockey.

Grimiku: What is your history as a gamer, and with the Diablo franchise?

Pensfan080#1647: Played Diablo in high school over dial-up - mostly a Sorcerer and some Warrior. I had a kings sword of haste at one point which was pretty GG until my parents phone rang and DC'd my internet after I died and lost everything. I think I quit shortly after.

Also played a lot of S2 Brood Wars. I liked playing offline solo and putting in cheat sodes as Protoss playing against a bunch of computers and seeing how long I could defend. Played some D2 but that was during college so I was off doing other things. Picked up D3 shortly after launch and have been addicted since.

During my hiatus between D1 and D3, I was pretty into FPS games like Counter Strike Source and COD. Once my PC was out of date and I couldn't play those games effectively, I got a playstation and started playing a lot of COD.

Grimiku: What are some of your favorite games?

Pensfan080#1647: Diablo 1 & 3.
SC Brood Wars.
Call of Duty: Black Ops
Mario Kart - Super Nintendo
Duck Hunt

Grimiku: Are you playing any other classes right now?

Pensfan080#1647: I play them all.

Grimiku: Are you in a clan? If yes, tell us about it!

Pensfan080#1647: I'm in the Vizjerei clan. We started off pretty small as a group of long time friends mostly from the forums and mumble. Have met some of the guys at a BBQ I hosted last summer so it's been a pretty cool story knowing the guys in real life.

Grimiku: What's your most embarrassing moment while playing?

Pensfan080#1647: Hmmmmm.....Probably when I asked Void and other well-known noobs why I couldn't find a "Non-Int Witching Hour" when I searched in the AH....But I found one...many of jokes on them.

Grimiku: Okay, what about your most AWESOME moment while playing?

Pensfan080#1647: Still waiting on my ancient Tals Source. Once I find it we'll use that.

Grimiku: What drew you to the Wizard?

Pensfan080#1647: Playing Wiz in D1 it was the first class I made. A friend showed me CM/SNS wiz so I threw one together and was able to do MP10 ubers. From then on it just got really expensive as I would stalk Boozors profile and try to purchase gear like his.

Grimiku: In displaying your battle prowess, do you prefer to burn, electrocute, or freeze your foes? Or do you prefer a mixture of destructive elemental energies?

Pensfan080#1647: No particular favorite but I loved SNS/CM.

Grimiku: What's your favorite skill (or skill rune), and why?

Pensfan080#1647: Probably Scorch....I just wish it was usable.

Grimiku: What build are you running currently?

Pensfan080#1647: Tals.

Grimiku: Is there a particular item you’re after, and how would it change the way you play if you found it?

Pensfan080#1647: See # 8.

Grimiku: If there was one thing you could change about the Wizard, what would it be?

Pensfan080#1647: Hands down I would give the Wizard a viable death passive. Every class is able to die without blowing the screen to pieces. Make UA work like Spirit Vessel or Awareness...PLEASE.

Grimiku: If you could build a set and/or Legendary item around a skill, what skill would it be and how would you support it?

Pensfan080#1647: I'm not that creative.

Grimiku: Pick a Wizard quote!

Pensfan080#1647: Here's 4:
"Do you know who I am?" - Melkor
"Hmmm/Ohhh/Wow" - Boozor
"Keep your health above zero" - BDF
"Not my problem" - Jaetch

Grimiku: Name one piece of advice that you think every Wizard should know.

Pensfan080#1647: Stop trying to keep up with my Barb.

Grimiku: Which of your fellow Wizards should we also interview?

Pensfan080#1647: Atanatar#1983

Grimiku: Pick a question to ask in the next interview:

Pensfan080#1647: What is one aspect of the game you'd like to replace/remove/fix. For me it's trials and trial frags. I do not like speeding through T6 in 45 seconds just to get a trial key so I can enter a greater rift.

Got any questions for Pensfan080#1647? Post them below!
04/29/2015 03:30 PMPosted by Grimiku
Still waiting on my ancient Tals Source. Once I find it we'll use that.

04/04/2015 11:36 AMPosted by BDF
Get an Ancient Tal Source that can have Hydra%, Int, and CC% on it ASAP because it won't be possible to get a hydra% one when 2.2 goes live.

Same would go for other skills, but hydra looks to be the important one right now.
04/06/2015 04:40 PMPosted by BDF
Collecting as many as I can:

Because who says I'll always want to meteor?
Wait, there's non-int WH's in the AH now?
04/29/2015 03:33 PMPosted by Grimiku
"Not my problem" - Jaetch

I don't say that.

Stop lying to people, pens.
Diablo III MVP | Forever Flavor of the Month
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Short and to the point.

Nice interview pensy :) Good job :)
Eat your pug

Or dump your gf?
04/30/2015 08:23 AMPosted by pensfan080
04/30/2015 07:27 AMPosted by JellzRoc
Eat your pug

Or dump your gf?

You're a disturbed man Jellybean....

I'd never harm my pug

Eat your GF

or dump your pug?
Well he'd never dump his pug...
Why do you like guns ?

Is merica that dangerous?
04/30/2015 11:09 AMPosted by Boozor
Why do you like guns ?

Is merica that dangerous?



Diablo III MVP | Forever Flavor of the Month
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Twitter: @Jaetch | Clan Page:
04/30/2015 11:12 AMPosted by Jaetch

He's all about it.

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