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Hey guys I'm an officer in <AR> and Top 25 Aussie Demon Hunter looking for a group of dedicated AUSSIE D3 players with the gear, paragons and experience to push 60+ (I want to push top 10 boards at least)

I am Currently Looking for another well geared Ancient krider DH, a zdps sader and zdps WD

Must be Paragon 550+ (prefer closer to 700)
Have voice chat or the ability to get voice chat
Must have mostly ancient gear (at least half to three quarters of your gear should be well rolled ancient pieces (will give some leeway for zdps if you're a boss)
All Gems should be 45+ minimum
Must have a good, never give up attitude.

My battle tag is Loki#6687, add me if you are interested in pushing 4 man leader boards or farming 58/60 for gem upgrades, or speed 46/48 runs.

From your friendly neighborhood <AR> officer :)

maybe you want to consider the use of the word hard-core?

I looked at your profile and you don't have one hard-core character.

I was going to hit you up.

regards lame-duck
Good luck mate, why no love for wiz tho? :D
Only thing that springs to mind is:


Still looking for a solid group guys ... add me if you like
Yeh was gonna say if your struggling finding the players in your clan it's gonna be hard for ya to get a group of individuals not already in groups, But i see you jumped ship.

It's an unfortunate thing, but it is kinda the necessary action if you need this level group to make any further progression.

I know a few oceanic players that came from OPOG who are now in quins clan, will forward ya there tags.

Always good to know the local server players with ya, as I hear it's pretty split clan for region.

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