[Guide] - IMMORTAL WRATH - IW (IK4,WW6) GR54+

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Guide Contributions: Pri, Samir, Kuzoh, CC123, Baconinja, Bloodyzbub, Shadow, Nubtro, page, Freudian, Stormrider

This is a basic guide to get you up and running. Experiment, test and come to your own conclusions. This build (or a close variant) has been used as high as GR 56. I will only list the highest GR I've completed as a casual player.

While this build is very specific in gear choices, it has many Rune variations that fit various levels of content.

Immortal Wrath takes advantage of the great Area of Effect capabilities of the Wrath of the Waste set, and combines it with the power of permanent Wrath of the Berserker. Solid mitigation choices are available, making this a common go to build and ultimately makes you feel Immortal.

Gear Required

6 set bonus from Wrath of the Wastes (WotW)
4 set bonus from Immortal Kings (IK)

Immortal Kings Boulder Breaker - Allows these two sets to be used together, strong 2HD damage. Less tornados, but each hits like a truck.
Pauldron’s of the Wastes - Shoulders unique to WW set.
Immortal King’s Tribal Binding - Belt unique to IK set.
Ring of Royal Grandeur - We can't get enough of this ring!
Helm, Chest, Legs, Gloves, Boots - 4 WW, 1IK - Choose your best stats


Reaper’s Wraps - Welcome back! Often needed to bridge the fury gap to keep us in WW.

Don't craft ancient Reaper's Wraps. It's not worth it.

Lacuni Prowlers - A great DPS choice if you are using attack speed break points. You will need to find other solutions for Fury.

Rings and Amulets

Solo: Lower GR
    Ring of Royal Grandeur
    Convention of the Elements

Solo: GlassCanon Higher GR Fishing
    Ring of Royal Grandeur
    Convention of the Elements

Solo: High GR
    Ring of Royal Grandeur

Group: Speed Runs
    Ring of Royal Grandeur
    Convention of the Elements

Immunity Amulet is great since this play style requires move through enemies. I'm a huge fan of Mara's since there are so many poison Rift Guardians. (I got my first usable Mara at Paragon 720)

If you have a good Hellfail amulet, that can give you more options.

If you are using CoE ring, you can still use an amulet with Socket, Str, CHD, CHC.

When playing higher GR Solo, you might want the extra Elemental damage on your amulet if you have one to help with clear times.

General Stat Affix Selection Per Item

Listed in order of importance. Keep in mind that if your stats can be adjusted based on the content you are enjoying. For example, if you only speed run lower 40s in groups, you can drop some toughness options for dps options. Feel free to post any specific questions.

Helm - Str, 15% WW Damage OR Vit (Depending on your comfort level-desired content), CHC, Socket - Amethyst for Higher, Ruby for speed runs XP

Shoulders - Str, Vit, Resist All, %Life, Healing Globe Bonus

Area damage confirmed as not taking most multipliers properly...potentially still good for clearing rift 52+ since anything helps. Drop Vit or %Life for AD if you want to try it yourself.

Chest - Str, Vit, Elite Damage Reduction > %Life, 3 sockets, Life After Each Kill, Lightning Resist >= Fire Resist

Amulet -Socket, CHD, CHC, Str OR Elemental Damage depending on what you have. Random will often decide.

Gloves - Str, Vit, CHC, CHD (Keep a second pair with Str, Attack Speed, CHC, CHD for lower GR all out DPS runs)

RoRG - Socket, CHC, CHD or Attack Speed

CoE - Socket, CHC, CHD, Str

Unity - Socket, CHD, CHC, Str

Belt - IK Belt - Str, Vit, reist all, LpFS OR 15% life try both - LpFS gets powerful when stacked.

Pants - Str, Vit, Resist All, Life After Each Kill

Boots - Str, Vit, Resist All, Whirlwind Damage, Health Globe Bonus

IKBB - 10% Damage/LpFS, Str, Vit, CotA Damage, Life After Each Kill

My IW Barbs Gear:


Stat Affix Considerations

    Physical Resistance is great to have for some of the harder hitting RGs.

  • Electrified is particularly mean with high attack speeds so you may wish to prioritize Lighting Resist on any second resist selection.
  • Remember that Call of the Ancients damage will come from our weapon. The majority of damage comes from the Dust Devils from the 6 set WotW.
  • Having less health globe pick up radius will let you choose when to grab health globes.
  • Don't use Rend Skill damage on your gear. It's not worth it.
  • Gambling with Kadala

    There are a few items that can be more painful to gamble that others. Here are some general rules. These are my opinions.

    In general always start with your weakest set item first. Use the stats listed above to determine what would be your biggest improvement.

    Belts can be challenging to gamble since we have Mighty belts. Loot share runs are you best bet for an IK belt.

    2HD weapon is a huge increase to your over all performance, but expensive to gamble. I usually try for ancients in 90% of my set armor before I start gambling 2HD weapons.

    Rings and Amulets are a luxury gamble. You should only do this if you have everything else you want for all of your characters.

    Life on Hit can be stacked with Life per Fury Spent for good healing results.

    Very high health globe bonus is another healing option.


    Your gems should be the same level of greater rift you are trying to accomplish or higher. Spend the time to level your gems and they will serve you well. You may have to set aside 30 min per rift to push higher than you can finish, once your gems get close to your target level.

      Pain Enhancer - The Beast of gems. Dots things, let's you and ancients attack faster.
      Taeguk - A great choice for offense and defense
      Bane of the Trapped - More damage against anything you get near

    Optional Gems when learning the set or find you are dying too often in groups:

    Gizzard - Life per second is huge, you won't get the shield as much if you stay in combat range but you can move back the way you came, watch the shield re-spawn, them move back in.

    Esoteric Alteration - A solid Defensive gem because the shield on Gizzard is hard to maintain while in the thick of combat.
    Starting Point Skills

    These are the skills I use after playing this build for a few weeks:

    I enjoy Physical for the Blood Funnel healing and PE damage, but this build could be adjusted per element very easily. Since we are using CoE, the element type of the skill isn't as critical as it once was. You can choose a rune that is fun for most content.

    Call of Ancients
    Ancient’s Fury
    Together as One - Allows you to drop Unity - Keep in mind Death becomes more punishing if CotA is on cool down.

    Blood Funnel (A great way to keep life up while in the thick of battle)

    Blood Lust (Triggers PE gem) - Healing - can be used in 50+
    Mutilate - Increased Damage - Particularly powerful with Bane of the Trapped to keep them chilled.
    Bloodbath Lower GR speed runs when you leave things to die - (Triggers PE gem) (Benefits from Physical Elemental damage, things die and start killing other things)

    War Cry - Listed in order of importance for all Barb group runs.
    Hardened Wrath
    If you have 2 barbs already, use Sprint Forced March

    Battle Rage
    Sword of Ploughshares (Fantastic Damage skill with health globes for Fury and Life in Groups)
    Bloodshed - Great for additional damage when pushing 52+ solo (May require LpFS on gear)

    Wrath of the Berserker
    Insanity - A huge damage increase against Rift Guardians
    Striding Giant - Great for getting comfortable in group play

    Optional Changes

    Overpower - Killing Spree instead of War Cry. Great for more DPS if you are fishing higher GRs, but it makes the build a bit more Glass to play. I often will use Superstition if drop WC. The overpower damage is super weak. You only need to keep the buff up.

    Sprint Forced March Groups - Marathon Solo - You have to pay a little more attention to Fury spending, but sprint is a great way to stay safe and finish content faster.

    Suggested Passives

    You'll need to find a blend of the following.

      Nerves of Steel

      Ruthless - Works every fight
      Rampage - Strength and more Armor
      Berserker Rage

    Fury Sustain Options
      Weapons Master

    Paragon Points

    Listed in order of importance

      Movement Speed to 25% (Check those boots!)
      Fury - This you may need to experiment with. You may find you don't need all 50 points.
      Strength - Everything left over goes in here.

      Attack Speed -
      Critical Hit Chance -
      Critical Hit Damage -
      Cool Down Reduction -

      Resist All
      Percent Life
      Life Per Second

      Area Damage
      Life on Hit
      Resource Cost Reduction (You may wish to put nothing here for faster WotB Resets using Rend)
      Gold Find
    Whirlwind, Rend and Pain Enhancer

    Whirlwind will snapshot your current attack speed. This means you often want to apply Rend and Pain Enhancer and then start to Whirlwind again at a higher attack speed.

    Since I try to Rend each target, I don't worry about this too much, but it may be required to maximize DPS output. I can be particularly beneficial on long RG fights with adds. You apply Pain Enhancer to get the attack speed, then snap shot WW.

    My play style is Rend into as much density as I can and hold WW until it becomes apparent I'll need to reset WotB soon.

    Death, Dying and when to retreat

    This build can be less forgiving of deaths. You do not want to die when your WotB or CotA is on cool down. If Neves of Steel procs, this is the time to retreat and let your Dust Devils do some work while you heal.

    If you do die with WotB and CotA on cool down, you may have to wait to rez in higher Greater Rifts.

    There are only a few things that can hurt us while running Immortal Wrath. Most other situations you can move to safety. Remember, when in danger, you are safer while in WW due to the 4 set WotW bonus.

    Look out for:

      Standing in fire chains.
      Standing in center beam Arcane.
      Lots of frozen all at once.
      Mallet Lords.
      Horrors or Grotesques exploding.
      Enemies that can charge you.
      Ranged attacks eventually get pretty nasty in 52+
      Attacking Electrified with high Attack speed snapshot.

    Solo Playstyle

    Keep moving.
    Rend when in very large packs to get higher attack speed.
    Fight inside of single targets to make sure your dust devils and WW hit them.
    You can let you Ancients tank some projectiles and affixes.
    If you can't melee the Rift Guardian constantly, you can move in and out, the Dust Devils generally follow your direction.

    Group Playstyle with other classes

    Keep your Wizard or Demon Hunter alive. They don't have the massive mitigation we have with this build. Don't run off into the sunset like a crazed Barbarian. Work as a team. Support them, eat projectiles about to hit them, tank for them against Rift Guardian Projectiles, keep them in War Cry Range and they will want to join you every chance they get.

    If you have a zDPS class and a very strong single target DPS class and another AoE DPS build in your group, you might consider choosing this hybrid support build:

    http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#jhckRP!bZej!YbYcbZ - Mutilate for group damage increase, superstition to give you a little more Fury and defense. Things will be dying faster so Fury generation becomes an issue. You'll still need Battle Rage Sword of Ploughshares, which is a solid group choice.

    If you decide to gem at a higher level, make sure you take Striding Giant over Together as One. In my experience together as one is an inferior method of defense in groups because you will be fury staved. Additionally, if you die while WotA is on cool down, you won't have any way to get Fury. Where if you use Striding Giant to stay alive, you can depend on Ancients Fury to allow you to Rend > WotB.

    Whirlwind Wind Sheer is a solid group option to help with your Fury generation.

    Solo Greater Rifts

    After two seasons of fishing for higher leaderboard spots, I suggest that the majority of players only take the set into the late 40s or early 50s once you have ancients. The reason being is the end game will require more and more luck in order to achieve the right rift, enemy type and rift guardian.

    My general rule for personal best is as high as I can go consistently. Try for your personal best, but after that, think of each run as an opportunity to level your gems. Having a larger stack of keys for the level you are trying to complete can also remove some of the stress involved.

    Non Ancient IKBB Results -
    Up to GR50 almost no fishing, able to clear 48 and 49 without having good density or good rift guardian.

    I've completed GR50. Moderate fishing for a dense rift. This build was still able to kill Bloodmaw for a clear, but I only had a glorious, epic and nerve wracking 7 seconds left.

    I've completed GR51. Note the build variation used to get a little more damage.
    Painful to keep Overpower Killing Spree up. Barely killed Agnidox in time. No plyon. Again a super dense rift made this possible. Took 10 GR51 attempts. Starting to feel pretty fishy.

    I've completed GR52. Still no deaths. Went back to this build and just fished for Density and Poison RG. 27 attempts cleared rifts for the win.

    I've completed GR52 with Bone Warlock.
    I ended up going with some Life per Fury Spent on Belt and Weapon. I ran this build with CoE and RoRG:

    I've completed GR54 with another build variant.

    Getting this high changes play style.

    Don't look at enemies as elites or non elites. Just look for density.

    Keep slowly moving forward. Letting everything follow you. If its a really bad pack (arcane and waller) skip ahead for awhile. Then you can resume the slow crawl forward.

    It's a different way of playing.

    When you build up a massive pack of enemies, you can fight around it's edges. It's not uncommon to spend a minute or two chipping away at one huge pack, then getting a massive progression bump.

    Rift Guardian fights

    Some of these are not fight able in time once you are GR51+. I'll include some basic tactics if you want to upgrade gems. It is a good idea to fight each Rift Guardian a few times. You may get perfect density someday and have 8 minutes to kill one of the harder RGs.

    This is based on fishing with Mara's.

    Blighter - Great RG for Mara. Strong chance to win here if you had a good clear.

    Choker - Poison - A strong chance to win. Only requires a decent density rift. Keep on eye on your ancients as a few of his attacks will wipe them later in the fight.

    Erethon - Poison - Possible to win if you had a good rift. He can hurt you a little, but doesn't really have anything to one shot you beyond the possible charge attack. Just stay on top of him. Worth upgrading some gems or getting loot since its such an easy fight.

    Tethrys - Close Rift. This rift guardian can be beaten but is super annoying to fight. Once she does her ground attack it will trash your ancients. You'll need to watch for it and leash the ancients early. If they die off cool down, it becomes very painful to generate enough fury to do anything.

    Rime - Close Rift. It simply takes too long. His ground attacks won't let you get in to do any damage and he has a ton of health.

    Orlash - Close Rift. Try to follow it's tail, the mouth attack is pretty mean now.

    Perdition - Close Rift. You want to stay close and behind your ancients. They can absorb some of his projectiles. There is a sweet spot with range that will allow you to dodge the teleport attack occasionally. I don't recommend fighting this one unless you have Nerves of Steel.

    Bloodmaw - Close Rift. Very long fight. The Ancients can't stay on him when he jumps around. Be ready to move out of the way when he starts jumping. Very late in the fight he does a flury of attacks, make sure you are not close when that happens (20%-10% health).

    Man Carver - Close Rift. Too many hit points. Best fought for gem upgrades by attacking him from other side of a wall and allowing Ancients, Templar and Tornados to do slow damage.

    Infernal Maiden - Close Rift. Her close range melee attacks make it very challenging to use WW. She can take you out pretty easy. If you need to gem on her, just be paitent and let the Ancients chip her away. You can move towards her with WW to spawn Nados, then stop, run back and repeat.

    Crusader King - Close Rift. Fight takes too long. Not too painful to upgrade gems on. You can use the adds to snapshot higher WW speeds. Watch out for his big mace swing.

    Perendi - Close Rift. Another huge hit point pool. Wouldn't recommend using this RG to upgrade gems unless you have all the play time in the world.

    Raiziel - You can kill him...eventually. Let the Ancients and your Templar tank most of the electrified. You can move back and forth to aim some Tornados at him. At the end he goes electrified crazy which eats up the Ancients pretty fast. If you don't have any gems to level, you might want to close this one.
    Tricks of the Trade

    Pre-Rift Check List
      Double check your skills.
      Double check your equipment.
      Did you repair?
      Do you have all of your gems equipped?
      Are you gems equal to or higher that the GR you are attempting?
      Is your following equipped correctly?
      Is your Fury full before you go in? (Unforgiving or BK swords will make it fill faster)

    When wearing an immunity amulet, you can drag certain elites along with you to act as healers.
    Holding down Force Move and using Rend will allow you to dump Fury and reset WotB/CotA faster.
    Keep an eye on your Ancients, they can die very quickly in 52+

    You need to keep pushing slowly forward and try to get things to follow you. This will allow Champions and Elite packs time to take damage. Stay on the leading edge of their affixes.

    Follower Considerations

    WIP - Lots of new ideas about followers - I'm not sure how I want to update this yet.
    The Enchantress can be used if healing isn't an issue.
    Enchanting Favor
    Bul-Kathos Wedding Band
    Double Unity
    Elite Damage - Diamond in Weapon
    Physical Damage - SoJ, Lidless Wall, Amulet with Str, Phy, CHC

    How much CDR - For this build I'd prioritize attack speed over cool down reduction. We don't need the heals like we did with Reekorz.

    Stat Priority

    CHD max is 150% with 50% natural.

    Torment Six and Bounties Considerations

    Fury generation becomes a real issue. You can modify the build to the following.


    RoRG and CoE.

    Math Power

    Shadow's - Whilwind Build Damage - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/17084928946

    Quick break down for similar set up:
    04/20/2015 08:03 PMPosted by Shadow
    % of damage from Dust Devils: 67.08%
    % of damage from CotA: 13.14%
    % of damage from Rend: 9.44%
    % of damage from Pain Enhancer: 5.47%
    % of damage from Whirlwind: 4.87%

    Nutro's and page AD findings - http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/17085919721


    I'm not taking credit for coming up with this build. It was popular in PTR, has been a solid choice for upper leaderboards and used by many. Special thanks to Baconinja whom I first noticed using this.

    This build is solid. We all realize it's slower and spawns less Nados that WW6+BK swords. It's methodical, tough and feels very strong.

    It works well in groups, it can be used for decent trial keys and performs well solo. This season I decided not to fish for high Greater Rift Clears. I used a variation of this build to complete GR50 against Bloodmaw. (Currently on GR51) As with any Barbarian build, this set up shines with very high density.

    Because it works well in most situations, you can enjoy playing more with your friends instead of having to change things up as switch between the various content.
    04/20/2015 04:50 AMPosted by Tao
    If you are using CoE ring, you can prioritize an amulet with Str, CHD, CHC over one with elemental damage. It's not as critical as it once was.

    and i rolled str to socket on my ammy :( wish i found the ammy after i found the coe.

    nice simple write up. waiting for further posts :)
    04/20/2015 04:50 AMPosted by Tao
    Hellfail amulet
    04/20/2015 05:24 AMPosted by demonknight
    04/20/2015 04:50 AMPosted by Tao
    If you are using CoE ring, you can prioritize an amulet with Str, CHD, CHC over one with elemental damage. It's not as critical as it once was.

    and i rolled str to socket on my ammy :( wish i found the ammy after i found the coe.

    nice simple write up. waiting for further posts :)

    Good job, noob. ;)
    04/20/2015 05:24 AMPosted by demonknight
    and i rolled str to socket on my ammy :( wish i found the ammy after i found the coe.

    nice simple write up. waiting for further posts :)

    Thanks. More amulets will come, don't worry too much. =D
    04/20/2015 05:35 AMPosted by Takkonen
    Good job, noob. ;)

    Thanks o 51 beating venerable barb master :D my humble noob self only managed to clear 45 :(

    04/20/2015 05:47 AMPosted by Tao
    Thanks. More amulets will come, don't worry too much. =D

    you are welcome Tao. And yea ammy's are ok. Just that i don't get any decent immunity ones.
    I'll be testing it later today, but I might suggest Mutilate on Rend over Bloodbath. You use it enough to keep Wrath off cooldown anyway, and I believe it amplifies the damage enemies take from your twisters, which may wind up being more than the bonus you get from Rend's damage being physical. Anybody else crunch any numbers on this?
    What about Esoteric Alteration alongside Gizzard alternative and Gogok instead of PE?
    04/20/2015 08:46 AMPosted by Rizzonater
    I might suggest Mutilate on Rend over Bloodbath.

    Variations will easily work in T6 or GR up to 40. Good call, I'm going to break down a few rune options.

    For 40-45 in groups, I enjoy the Bloodbath because I think it's one of the few runes that benefits from Physical elemental damage. If you are running a cold variation, Mutilate might sing. =D

    04/20/2015 08:54 AMPosted by eleridian
    What about Esoteric Alteration alongside Gizzard alternative and Gogok instead of PE?

    You can use EA and !@#$, this is actually a really good way to learn the set. I'll make a note about it. For higher Solo GR, I suspect the added damage from BotT and the Added Attack speed from PE is too critical for getting a fast enough clear. The RG fights are still very long.

    I'd be surprised if you need Gogok, I haven't added the stats per item, but this is a zero CDR build.
    04/20/2015 04:50 AMPosted by Tao
    War Cry - Impunity

    I started running with War Cry - Hardened Wrath instead an seem to get better mitigation. I know it's weird but with high scaled Taeguk the benefits really seem to ring through.

    With this build, the melee/phys damage seems to wreck me more than elemental elite affixes. Since armor is pure mitigation of all damage types it seems to work better for me.

    Many may not agree with this...but I seem to be getting better results from Life consistency (i.e. large dips seem to be a thing of the past).

    Just a thought for you min/max nerdasaurs.

    EDIT: Also a note on Rend. I prefer bloodlust on higher GR's because the life gained is actually pretty impressive. Combine this with the fact that we need to apply rend 6-8 times per WoTB cycle to keep the buff perma anyway (w/ no CDR), and the value of self-propagating rend drops considerably. Some more grass for you math cows to chew on...


    May the good sandwiches find you soon...
    04/20/2015 11:16 AMPosted by Pri
    I started running with War Cry - Hardened Wrath instead an seem to get better mitigation. I know it's weird but with high scaled Taeguk the benefits really seem to ring through.

    This might actually make more sense because we are using Taeguk and Rampage. A higher Armor pool to be affected. It might dependably slightly on the gear (how many items with Resist All ect.)

    Awesome contribution.

    That is what is going to make this guide great. I'm going to add this.

    Thanks Pri.
    04/20/2015 11:21 AMPosted by Tao
    Awesome contribution.

    That is what is going to make this guide great. I'm going to add this.

    Thanks Pri.

    Meh mediocre contribution...an awesome contribution would be this spicy italian manwich with salami, sliced italian sausage, and pastrami with chili-basil infused mayo on ciabatta.

    also added a note about Rend: Bloodlust.
    04/20/2015 11:23 AMPosted by Pri
    also added a note about Rend: Bloodlust.

    Great. I think I'm going to break down Rend even further into Runes per content level.

    I was using Bloodlust for solo but at some point was playing with Bloodbath and then forgot to change back.

    All weekend I thought I was going around getting heals, but turn's out I was just killing things with Bloodbath.
    I'm going to get my taeguk stacks to 80+ with both war cries and see what gives higher toughness

    one thing tho: war cry even unruned already gives an armor buff and impunity is really nice in the sense that you get all the toughness right away - if you get 1 shot, you lose rampage and taeguk right away and for awhile you are super vulnerable again.
    04/20/2015 11:47 AMPosted by Samir
    I'm going to get my taeguk stacks to 80+ with both war cries and see what gives higher toughness

    Fantasic, thanks Samir. Let us know.

    04/20/2015 11:47 AMPosted by Samir
    one thing tho: war cry even unruned already gives an armor buff and impunity is really nice in the sense that you get all the toughness right away - if you get 1 shot, you lose rampage and taeguk right away and for awhile you are super vulnerable again.

    Very true. Dying at the wrong time is pretty punishing with this build. I'm going to call that out in the playstyle section.
    Just realized I should also test thing with tough as nails.
    Beserker Rage is another useful passive. You get so much fury from weapons master, ancients and health globes that you'll have the 25% extra damage most of the time. Only against a few rift guardians you don't get it.

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